About Us

What Should We Do is a personalized leisure recommendation, planning and booking service in New York City (and coming soon to other select cities around the globe!). Tony Award-winning Broadway producer and New York native Arielle Tepper Madover founded What Should We Do to share with the world what she’s been offering her friends for years: answers to the eternal question… what should we do?

Our planners are experts in all things NYC. From the latest openings and hottest tickets, to hidden gems throughout  the five boroughs, we know what’s happening, where to go, and how to get the most out of any experience. From backstage tours of beloved Broadway shows to gallery strolls led by top art historians, we’ll do the research, planning and booking, so you can make the most of your free time. Give it a try now!

Meet the Team

Arielle Tepper Madover, Founder

Andrew Goddard, Experience Planner

Amy Jovel, Senior Experience Planner

Carolyn T. Innocenzi, Head of Client Experiences

Patty Onderko, Executive Editor

Jess Bender, Editor

Sonia Gonzalez, Database Manager

Amy Hoppy, Photo Editor

Josh Splett, Experience Planner

Danielle Murphy, Associate Editor

Ally Schenker, Content Assistant

Mark Romano, Database Czar