Arielle Tepper Madover


When I was younger, the theater gave me direction and became my professional and intellectual home. Over the years, as a producer, the theater has connected me to the vibrant world of culture and the arts, and to the many pleasures great cities have to offer. And I love to share those things with my friends and family. Whether it’s a new cultural event, an activity to do with the kids, or my new favorite candy store, I love sharing places to go and things to do with the people I love.  

And so I’ve become a super-planner! Because planning matters. A lot. We’re all too busy, and the kinds of places you want to go are either booked-up or unknown and hard to find. And as the web keeps churning out more and more information — of wildly varied value — trusted guidance becomes more and more important.

That’s why I founded What Should We Do. Because it’s a big world out there, filled with amazing things to do, and when you go out, you should have exactly the experiences you want. All it takes is a great plan. So I hope you’ll give us a try. What Should We Do Planners share my passion for culture and entertainment of all kinds, and we can’t wait to work with you to make your next day or night out everything you want it to be.