Amanda Taylor, WSWD‘s Health and Wellness Expert

She knows how and where to stay fit and glowing in NYC. We‘re following her well-toned lead!

Amanda Taylor walks (or, really, runs) the talk. As the founder of Yoga Gives, she produces classes and events for charity (because doing for others is as important as exercise for true wellness). A certified yoga teacher herself, she leads vinyasa classes at Five Pillars Yoga in Manhattan and the Hamptons; she’d love to help you perfect your half-moon pose and shoulder stand.

Formerly a journalist for ABC News, Amanda caught the yoga bug from her grandmother, who still practices at 98 years young (!). She now combines writing with her passion for wellness as a regular contributor to health-focused publications like Fit Pregnancy and Baby and Origin. Ever the no-nonsense reporter, she focuses on separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to nutrition and fitness trends. See her intrepid sleuthing on the cryotherapy (aka freezing your buns off) craze here.

When not emulating canine postures in her yoga practice, Amanda can be spotted running in Central Park with her actual dog, whom she thinks of as a four-legged personal trainer. Oh, and she also takes a spinning class once or twice a week and loves a good hike. Hey, it takes a lot to keep up with her two teenage daughters, she says. Not to mention that nonagenarian nana.