Eating + Drinking

Yes, There *Are* Quality Restaurants and Bars Around Penn Station!

Because Shake Shack burgers and Krispy Kreme doughnuts can only satisfy you for so long.

Photo by Bohao Zhao via Wikimedia Commons

Bellowing businessmen shoving for the lone empty cab, gawking mid-town mobs, and the ever-present scent of garbage. There are plenty of reasons why most New Yorkers avoid Penn Station like the plague. But sometimes you have no choice but to make the dreaded commute to the immediate region—mainly to escape to the burbs or mourn the current Knicks season. (We miss you, Porzingis!) 

Fortunately, there are some excellent restaurants and bars in the surrounding area to give you respite from your Penn Station despair. Hide away in some of our favorite K-town standbys, hotel hot spots, and drinking holes until your LIRR train leaves the station.

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