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12 Florists to Know and Love

Photo courtesy of Twig & Twine

It’s always the perfect time to indulge in blossoms and their verdant counterparts. Here are our favorite shops and custom florists for an elaborate arrangement, special occasion, or bringing just a touch of beauty into your home.

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Photo courtesy of Bloom & Plume/Facebook

Bloom & Plume
Purple exterior, emerald interior—this is a regal place for waffles, coffee, and, of course, flowers. Especially flowers. Majestic and tropical, unapologetically exhibitionist, bouquets and arrangements by owner Maurice Harris are opulent and exclusive, created in limited editions for special occasions only. His studio, next door to his coffee shop of the same name, isn’t open to the public, but get your latte to stay and soak in his aesthetic—it’s absolutely inspiring. And if you are interested in flowers, book far in advance. 1638 West Temple Street

los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Flowerboy Project/Facebook

Flowerboy Project
With wonderful blooms and fronds brought in fresh daily from the downtown flower market, you can order fanciful omakase bouquets or build your own. This florist has two outposts—the original in Venice and the official gift shop in the Freehand Hotel downtown—and both are the perfect places to hone the creative, aspirational lifestyle of your Instagram dreams. 824 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice; 416 West 8th Street

Gilly Flowers
What a delight to step into this sleek shop, with exquisite flora theatrically lit up within a darkened space, as if onstage. A great spot to concoct a minimalist bouquet, a full-on extravagant arrangement, or simply find the one perfect bloom to tuck into your hair. 3936 West Sunset Boulevard

los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Lenita

It doesn’t get any cuter than a pink flower truck selling sweet, small-scale, affordable bouquets, often incorporating native plants and wildflowers. Owner Nemuel Depaula also runs a full-time design studio; when he needs a break, he loads up his truck with flowers and heads out. He keeps an erratic but busy schedule, usually integrated with other fun, hip events all around Los Angeles. Luckily, he keeps us all updated here.

los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Hollyflora/Facebook

Hollyflora L.A
Romantic and robust, Hollyflora can concoct a monochromatic arrangement like no other. Full of depth, character, and whimsy, Holly Vesecky and Rebecca Uchtman bring an idealistic mentality to their craft. 4300 West Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 5

Hand & Rose
Florist-on-wheels is a legitimate career choice in Los Angeles, one that Hand & Rose owners Awol Erizku and Sarah Lineberger have wisely chosen. Their whimsical, overtly feminine arrangements contain foraged flowers and fancy stems, combining them all into an artistic blend of highbrow and lowbrow happiness. 1521 Essex Street

los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Moon Canyon Design Co./Facebook

Moon Canyon
These are the arrangements that make true floral fanatics gasp. With a dramatic eye, yet a soft hand, florist Kristen Caissie has been recognized as a top talent in the country by Martha Stewart and Harper’s Bazaar. Her truly stunning work is both texturally wild and refined, as well as, unexpected and deeply soothing. 3520 Council Street, Unit C

los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Honey & Poppies

Honey & Poppies
Nationally renowned floral artist Megan Gray runs this floral design studio, a high-demand score for aspirational weddings. Refined yet undone, her work is dramatic and simple, a winning combination for a free-spirited yet elegant vibe. 

Buckle up—this florist is going to take you on a bizarro, psychedelic ride through fluffy, feathery, hand-dyed grasses mixed with wild tropical flowers, sometimes with some tulle or ribbon thrown in for good measure. These are equal measure Technicolor art pieces and floral arrangements, and there’s nothing else like them out there.

los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Valleybrink Road

Valleybrink Road
Traditional with a twist—florist, luxury gifter, and lifestyle curator Barrett Prendergast offers a restrained yet romantic touch to her arrangements.

los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Poppy Lavender Florals/Facebook

Poppy Lavender Florals
Self-described Australian “flower whisperer” Poppy—first name only—keeps it simple and beautiful with accessible arrangements sold out of an early-1900s horse trailer. Stay tuned to her Instagram for pop-up dates, or book services through her website.


los angeles florist
Photo courtesy of Twig & Twine

Twig & Twine
A favorite floral artisan for the casually hip, no one turns a petal or catches a peony in perfect form like owner Heather Williams. Her perfect of-the-moment (and the season) arrangements are wonderful and romantic, combining traditional blooms with a few outrageous wild cards for good measure.