5 Calorie-Scorching Dance Workouts In New York

Cut a rug and some calories while sweating it out at these cardio dance classes.

AKT In Motion Nomad Studio (Courtesy of AKT)

Torching major calories isn’t always a good time. But thanks to this new high-intensity and rhythmic fitness trend, you can get both. Move over spin class—dance cardio workouts are popping up all over the city. You’ll be so busy trying to keep up with the moves that you won’t even realize you’re getting in a great workout. The options range from beginner, all-out dance parties to serious studios—so anyone can show off their moves.

AKT in Motion
Helmed by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, this “fad-free” zone has found a way to eliminate boredom and foster true fitness. The combinations in each dance class change every two weeks, giving you a chance to master the moves before being challenged by new choreography. Happy Hour, the signature dance-based interval training class, is ideal for all levels. Segments of traditional dance cardio are alternated with toning and flexibility sections. By mixing it up, the highly-trained AKT trainers are sure to keep you on your toes.

AKT In Motion Nomad Studio (Courtesy of AKT)
AKT In Motion Nomad Studio (Courtesy of AKT)

305 Fitness
Miami transplant Sadie Kurzban brought the spirit of her home city (and the area code) to her West Village and Murray Hill dance studios. Each heart-pumping class blends dance moves for a full-body workout, all set to the beats and lights of a live DJ. Each cardio session includes a weight workout focusing on arms or legs, sports drills, and high intensity interval training guaranteed to leave you drenched. Is it a party or a workout? You’ll be having too much fun to tell the difference.

Exile Professional Gym
New York’s first and only studio dedicated exclusively to street dance will make sure you walk out knowing the fundamentals. Classes are categorized by technique, like popping, locking, and voguing (yes, that’s really a move); and you can sign up for anything from beginner Hip-Hop to Capoeira or Street Jazz. In other words, this studio is ideal not just for working up a sweat, but also when you want to impress someone on the dance floor.

Body By Simone
Don’t expect to leave without having a full dance routine down. Classically trained ballerina Simone De La Rue is behind some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, and those secrets are shared in her studios. Each session includes abs and stretching to help you get that coveted lean, long dancer’s body.

Body By Simone Studio

You won’t just get a physical workout at Dance Motivation Fitness—you’ll get a mental one too. Each song includes not only its own choreography, but also inspirational coaching with a focus on mind and body wellness. Designed for dancers and non-dancers alike, these motivational workouts all include instructors to guide you along each move for an easy learning environment no matter your fitness ability. Their goal is to get you out the door feeling better than when you walked in.