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How to Get Fit (Inside!)

Who needs a gym when you have the Internet?

Photo by Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

Stay healthy and work in!

CATCH UP: On Relaxation Time

The Meatpacking District will host a live yoga and meditation session, led by Liz Wexler and her adorable pup.

Photo courtesy of Liz Wexler/Facebook

DO: Digital Dance Parties

Each afternoon, Forward Space hosts upbeat sweat sessions on its Instagram Stories!

at-home workout
Photo courtesy of Forward Space/Facebook

Get: Zen With Ishta Yoga

Learn how to channel your inner yogi and meditate like a pro during one of this studio’s livestreams.

at-home workout
Photo courtesy of Ishta Yoga/Facebook

CYCLE: A Citi Bike Through NYC

When you need a break from staying indoors, it’s time to get a bit of fresh air…and a month of free riding!

at-home workout
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

SPIKE: Your Heart Rate on Workout Wednesdays

Join fitness junkie Cathy Gargiulo as she leads the 92Y May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport’s weekly wellness classes.

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