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Staff Picks: The Juiciest Burgers in NYC

The WSWD team shares their favorite cheeseburgers in paradise (New York City is the paradise, of course).

Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger. / Photo by Emilie Baltz

If there’s one thing that brings New Yorkers together aside from grumbling about the MTA, slow walkers, and the New England Patriots, it’s burgers: We all have exacting tastes when it comes to our patties and buns. While our staffers’ meaty preferences range from the casual to the downright decadent, we can agree that these burgers are all positively mouthwatering. So where’s the beef? Right here:

Corner Bistro

Director of content and planning Stephanie Ogozalek steers toward the historic Corner Bistro when she’s craving her perfect burger bite. She’s particularly fond of the saucy chili burger; smothered and served open face, you’ll need a fork and knife (and perhaps a bib) to dive into this one. 331 West 4th Street (off Jane Street), Greenwich Village

The classic Bistro Burger with bacon. / Photo by Lucho L/Yelp 


“Any burger at Flattops is amazing,” asserts social media maven Maggie DeGroot. (With 13 burger varieties to choose from, you’re guaranteed to fall head over heels with at least one.) “But the Gucci Mane is pretty wonderful.” Topped with Gruyère, raspberry jam, and Cap’n Crunch–crusted bacon, you’ll be feeling “So Gucci” by the last bite. 33-06 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria

Minetta Tavern

Content and planning assistant Ally Schenker has one word for Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger: “Wowza!” The no-frills behemoth pulls out all the stops with smart but subtle switch-ups. A combination of dry-aged Pat LaFrieda cuts blended together, clarified butter poured on top of the patty, caramelized onions cooked with the beef juice, and a customized sesame brioche bun from Balthazar Bakery makes this burger hard to beat. 113 MacDougal Street (off Minetta Lane), Greenwich Village

Best Burger NYC
Photo by Emilie Baltz


An absolutely no-frills, quick-serve burger spot in Riverdale is Yo-Burger,” says Bronx-based database manager Sonia Gonzalez. “The burgers and fries are simple but so good and not too salty, which is a common problem with lots of other burger joints. It also has a full fro-yo bar, which is fun. It’s great for a quick stop before or after a trip to Wave Hill (for the nonlocals).” 3726 Riverdale Avenue, Riverdale

J.G. Melon

Nobody feels as many emotions eating a burger as database gatekeeper Mark Romano does. When discussing J.G. Melon’s classic cheeseburger, he gushes, “I’m convinced there are magical flavor ghosts in that damn griddle.” He’s also a purist and prefers eating at the bar at Melon’s O.G. Upper East Side location. 89 MacDougal Street (between Bleecker and West Houston Streets), Greenwich Village; 480 Amsterdam Avenue (between West 83rd and 84th Streets), Upper West Side; 1291 Third Avenue (between East 74th and 75th Streets), Upper East Side

Best Burger NYC

Gnarly Eats

Executive editor Patty Onderko likes to have the best of both worlds with her burgers: a little bit of comfort with her daily serving of vegetables. She’s a fan of the portobello burger at Park Slope’s Gnarly Eats, a hefty sandwich of mushrooms done two ways (fried and sautéed) and topped off with a slice of Swiss and plenty of house sauce. 447 Seventh Avenue, Park Slope


Naturally, our food expert and senior editor, Jess Bender, has strong opinions about this topic. Since she can’t eat her all-time favorite (a quarter pounder with cheese from the All American Hamburger Drive In in Massapequa, Long Island) on a regular basis, she happily settles for Jeepney’s Chori Burger. “There’s something almost erotic about the longganisa juices and banana ketchup rolling down your forearms immediately after the first bite,” she swoons. 201 First Avenue (between East 12th and 13th Streets), East Village

Best Burger NYC


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