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The Best Grilled Cheese Sammies—With a Twist!—in NYC

Because a foodie shouldn’t settle for Kraft slices and Wonder Bread. These out of the box versions are the best grilled cheese sandwiches in NYC.

Raclette’s Croque Americain, photo by Stefano Giovannini

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classic grilled cheese from our childhoods, slathered in a stick of butter and fried until every last bite is crispy. But sometimes we crave a more grown-up version of our favorite feel-good sammie. These upgraded grilled cheese creations—with delicious twists including truffles, chutney, and smoked bacon—hit the spot.

Belle Cheese’s Mousetrap

The mongers behind this Dekalb Market Hall booth upgrade the classic sandwich with artisanal touches: The fresh sourdough bread comes from their neighbors at Cafe D’Avignon; the Vermont Cheddar is aged and has a bite; and thick pub chutney straight out of Portland, Oregon (made with bold ingredients like stout, molasses, and coffee) coats every last millimeter inside. Dekalb Market Hall, 445 Albee Square West, Downtown Brooklyn

Astoria Bier and Cheese Broadway’s Truffle Shuffle

What goes better with a brew than molten dairy pressed inside rustic carbs? The hops-heads and curd nerds working at this Queens mainstay would say absolutely nothing. Order a frothy pint of stout to wash down this delicious sandwich, grilled with pungent black truffle Gouda and mozzarella, then balanced with a drizzle of raw honey. 34-14 Broadway, Astoria

Photo by Carolina Ramirez


Raclette’s Croque Americain

The flavors are fairly classic when it comes to the délicieux croque Americain at this Swiss-French haunt—caramelized onions, buttery leek fondue, roasted garlic. The difference is in the perfect execution; sharp English Cheddar oozes decadently beyond the peasant bread crust the moment your plate hits the table. 511 East 12th Street (between Avenues A and B), Alphabet City

Clinton Hall’s Sour Cream + Onion Doughnut Grilled Cheese

This breakfast-meets-dinner grilled cheese caters to the Homer Simpson in your life. Out goes the classically crisp bread slices, in comes a yeasty glazed doughnut pressed and split in two. And if you’re concerned about all that molten mozzarella going to waste, Clinton Hall conveniently drapes your sandwich over a piping bowl of tomato soup. Locations in Midtown East, the Financial District, the Seaport District, and the Bronx

Photo courtesy of Clinton Hall

Tramezzini Smorgasburg’s Mozzarella in Carrozza

Mozzarella en carrozza is the ultimate of cheesy gut bombs. Melt-y mozzarella is encased inside lush slabs of olive oil bread and deep fried until it turns a rich toasted shade. And soon, this Venetian sandwich shop will take the Italian concept to the next level; it plans on mixing the mozzarella with natural flavors like beets and pesto for its seasonal Smorgasburg pop-up in Williamsburg. East River State Park, Williamsburg

Il Bambino’s Mac + Cheese Panini

All of the paninis at this unpretentious Astoria hang are delightful. But you’re guaranteed an eye-rollingly good bite with the mac and cheese iteration that includes plenty of smoked bacon and a generous spreading of truffle oil across every bread cranny. 34-08 31st Avenue, Astoria

Photo by Carolina Ramirez

Houseman’s French Onion Sandwich

Inside his West Village hidden gem, chef Ned Baldwin, a Prune alum, transforms the hearty soup into an even heartier sandwich. Two greased-up slices of bread, replacing the croutons, squeeze together gooey slabs of Gruyère and a heaping helping of buttery caramelized onions. 508 Greenwich Street (between Spring and Canal Streets), West Village


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