New York City’s Top 13 Insta-Worthy Bathrooms

A clean loo is no longer enough.

Photo courtesy of House of Yes/Facebook

A true Instagrammer is ready to snap a pic at even the most unlikely of times. Beauty, after all, can be found in the most prosaic of places. Now that phones aren’t for talking, nature doesn’t so much call as it does call for a photo op. So phones at the ready, ladies and gents, because New York City is upping its restroom decor game to an absurdly cute level. And don’t feel weird about striking a pose inside these next-level lavatories; #BathroomSelfies are almost always trending.

The Frick Collection

How can we not start with a throne that’s fit for a frickin’ queen? Sure, the Frick Collection is abundant with Old Master paintings and European sculpture, but the art dulls in comparison to the museum’s ladies’ restroom. It’s not every day you find a New York City bathroom with vintage vanities, polished porcelain, and a pretty-in-pink aesthetic. 1 East 70th Street (between Fifth and Madison Avenues), Upper East Side

Charley St.

I could talk about the avocado toast at this place all day. (Whether it be with praise for its colorful mix of ingredients or with vitriol for charging $14, I haven’t yet decided.) But today, it’s all about the avo-art that resides in this Australian café. It’s chic. It’s beautiful. And it makes you wish it were one of those Willy Wonka scratch-and-taste wallpapers. (It’s not. Please don’t lick anything but the food.) 41 Kenmare Street (between Mott and Elizabeth Streets), Nolita

charley st bathroom selfie
Photo by Margarita F./Yelp

Raines Law Room

Warning: The artwork you’re about to see is NSFW—especially for typical powder room standards. This Chelsea cocktail lounge gives entirely new meaning to the term sexual innuendo via its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wallpaper. It works out for us ladies, who probably won’t have to reapply their blush before exiting. 48 West 17th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues), Chelsea

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The Ludlow Hotel

The rom-com scene that has a man sleeping in the bathroom after pissing off his partner is so common it’s become a cliche. In this case, I’d anger anyone to spend the night in the Ludlow’s pool-size, immaculate excuse for a tub. What does a bed have on the gold faucet, waterfall showerhead, and luxe marble? 180 Ludlow Street (between Stanton and East Houston Streets), Lower East Side

ludlow bathroom selfie
Photo courtesy of the Ludlow Hotel NYC/Facebook

Moxy Hotel

Speaking of pools, the Moxy’s guest-room shower stalls would like to remind you that they are not one—and that diving is not permitted. 485 Seventh Avenue (between West 36th and 37th Streets), Times Square 

moxy hotel bathroom selfie
Photo courtesy of Moxy Hotel NYC Times Square/Facebook

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

If the cold is driving you nuts, unpack your finest floral button-down for a night at Royal Palms. You’ll experience hours of faux-summer among the food trucks, board games, and shuffleboard courts (without feeling like you’re part of a retirement home). The club keeps the tropical ambience going inside the bathroom, where bright pink flamingos grace the walls. We’re pretty sure it has been scientifically proven that you can’t resist taking a photo while inside. 514 Union Street, Gowanus

royal palms bathroom selfie
Photo courtesy of Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club/Facebook

Smith and Mills

With decor bordering the line between rustic and just plain rusty, this Tribeca washroom has a look that will stop Instagram scrollers in their tracks. Whimsically shaped grates line the walls and ceiling; fresh flowers offer vibrant color amid a backdrop of cracked paint; and an old-school sink hangs on by a thin wire. What might look grisly from afar offers a picturesque, bucolic—and more important, clean—scene up close. 71 North Moore Street (between Greenwich and Hudson Streets), Tribeca

Muse Hotel

Ever wish your bathroom matched your mood? Should you ever be in the need, the Muse Hotel lobby has you covered with six separately themed stalls to fit any personality.  Need a private spot to plan a revenge scheme? The Rebel red room will put you in the right mind-set. How about a space to appreciate just how great you look in that new dress? Surround yourself with the mirrors in every corner of the Vain loo to catch your outfit from various angles. 130 West 46th Street (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues), Midtown

Governors Island

Restrooms aren’t exactly known for their stunning views, but the ones on Governors Island are a welcome exception. Once you peel your eyes from the coral blue walls, vintage lanterns, and classic circular mirrors, take a look to your left for a unique cityscape of the Freedom Tower and surrounding skyscrapers. Only problem: The island is closed for the season until May. Can you hold it?

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Motel Morris

When a bathroom has its own hashtag (#PeeInPink), it’s worth a visit. Oh, and we should note that there’s an emphasis on the pink. Pastel versions of the cutesie color shine on the floral wallpaper, the square tiles, the toilet, the picture frames, and…the telephone? Want to know if it’s in working condition? Go #PeeInPink to find out. 132 Seventh Avenue (between West 17th and 18th Streets), Chelsea

motel morris bathroom selfie
Photo by Y. O./Yelp


Nature’s calling doesn’t have to be the only reason to step into Morimoto’s Insta-famous bathrooms. You won’t be the first—or the last—to post a pic of its famous 3-D mirrors. Cascading cherry blossoms and falling tree leaves reflect inside and seem to float beyond the walls. 88 Tenth Avenue (between West 15th and 16th Streets), Chelsea

morimoto bathroom selfie
Photo by Malia M./Yelp


Dining and drinking expert Jess Bender might still have a slight obsession with the Iranian movie posters inside the bathroom of one of her top restaurants of last year. 75 St. Mark’s Avenue, Prospect Heights

sofreh bathroom selfie
Photo by Mike C./Yelp

House of Yes

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to do your business inside a psychedelic disco ball, House of Yes’s glittery and lavish lavatory will have you wondering no longer. And we’re here for it. 2 Wyckoff Avenue, Bushwick

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