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And NYC’s Best New Restaurant Is…

If you dine out at only one place this year, make it here.

Photo courtesy of Saint Julivert Fisherie

We came, we saw, we ate. And it was good.

Deciding among our 10 contenders for WSWD’s first annual Best New Restaurant Award was not easy. Many, many excellent places popped up in 2018. It takes a village to eat through much of New York City while seeking the best of the best. Our esteemed panel of judges—Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony, podcast host Dana Cowin, authors Tracy Pollan and FamilyTop Chef finalist Chris Scott, and Thaimee Table‘s Hong Thaimee, along with resident dining experts Jess Bender and our Secret Culinary Insider—made up that very hungry village. After much delicious deliberation, they’ve determined that 2018’s best new restaurant is…Saint Julivert!

best new restaurant
Photo courtesy of Saint Julivert Fisherie

We could have given it the win just for its golden fried saltines or cast-iron tuna bake reimagined for the 21st century. More than the food, though, Saint Julivert is the kind of all-senses-satisfying destination you’ll want to frequent for any life occasion. Casual midweek tipples become a little more special, thanks to an expansive rum selection and a coastal-focused wine list. A typical dinner date is elevated with just the right amount of candlelight and shareable seafood made perfectly for two. Cobble Hill residents already include the restaurant in their regular dining rotation. It’s even the perfect place for transplants looking to impress visiting loved ones with Brooklyn’s distinctive dining scene.

And so a mighty congrats to the Saint Julivert team! This is a well-earned award and surely not the last one chef-owners Alex Raij and Eder Montero and their crew will take home.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have 2019’s best new restaurant to discover.

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