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Your Best Night Out Ever in Bushwick

Arepas! Absinthe! Action! Follow along for the perfect night in the neighborhood known for nonstop fun.

Photo by Erica Camille

Bushwick has certainly come a long way from its time as a colony named Boswijck (Old Dutch for “little town in the woods”). What better way to experience one of the most bustling neighborhoods in Brooklyn than by sampling its fantastic culinary and cocktail offerings—with a raging dance party in between!

EAT: Chow Down at Arepa Guacuco

This family-run Venezuelan areperia serves some of the tastiest bites in the neighborhood. If you were to order one dish, go for the arepa a pabellón—a salty pairing of succulent shredded beef and crumbled Cotija cheese. 44 Irving Avenue

DO: Put on Your Red Shoes at House of Yes

Or any shoes, really. The dance party never stops at this legendary club. Look out for the scantily clad, airborne revelers flying high in swings above the dance floor! 2 Wyckoff Avenue

DRINK: Go Cocktail Crazy at Theater XIV

With all the great nightlife in Bushwick, it’s impossible to pick just one perfect destination after an evening like this. You can’t go wrong with the Rouge Royale here, or take it to the limit with the Absinthe Rouge, an intensely boozy drink cut with hibiscus and lemon. 383 Troutman Street

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