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Hey, Have You Been to Ridgewood Yet? Because We’ve Planned a Perfect, Not-to-Be-Missed Day There

Take the M train to one of our fave neighborhoods on the Brooklyn-Queens border for a full day of food and fun.

Photo courtesy of Trans-Pecos/Facebook

To clarify the biggest myth about Ridgewood: It’s not in Brooklyn (although the neighborhood proudly calls Bushwick and East Williamsburg neighbors). While the community has plenty of Kings County charm, there’s a reason why The New York Times is still “discovering” Ridgewood after all these years.

EAT: Nepalese Delights at While in Kathmandu

One could feast like a queen at this colorful, cash-only haunt for little more than $25. Out of the indoor kitchen hut comes Himalayan momos bathing in light tomato cream, jerk chicken taco’ed up in crisp roti, and probably the best potato dish to be found in all of Queens. (It’s hard to compete against starches tossed in three types of fiery peppers.) 758 Seneca Avenue

BUY: Kielbasa at Ridgewood Pork Store

The corner-side joint has been a butchery in some capacity since the 1930s, and blasts from the past in the form of the original tin ceiling and wood framings are rampant throughout the space. Despite old interior aesthetics, owner Jonel Picioane uses new-age methods—including dry aging with wasabi and deploying an imported Japanese smoker—to produce his beloved meats. 516 Seneca Avenue

BROWSE: Semiused Page-Turners at Topos Bookstore Cafe

Vintage reads acquired from public estate sales, library collections, and local literary lovers line the packed shelves at this corner book nook. You may not be able to predict what you’ll find, but at least you know that delish Variety Coffee will be on hand while you search for your next read. 788 Woodward Avenue

DRINK: No-Frills Brews at Bonus Room

If you have a dad (or at least know a dad), chances are this dive looks like his dream man cave: Random tchotchkes and velvet paintings line the walls, the fridges are fully stocked with PBRs and Miller High Lifes, the dim lighting masks just enough debauchery, and an impeccable velvet green pool table is just waiting to be played. 991 Wyckoff Avenue

SEE: Live Music in an Inclusive Setting at Trans-Pecos

Helmed by two music scene vets since 2005, the multipurpose space operates as a neighborhood meeting place with community-centric programming during the day and DIY all-ages venue when night falls. Stick around long enough and you might encounter a Mexican punk band, dreamy acoustic pop, and a subconscious visual art show in the same visit. 915 Wyckoff Avenue

PLAY: Retro Games at Milo’s Yard

Owned by an alum of equally entertaining venues Barcade and the Gutter, the inclusive and nostalgic neighborhood bar is a home away from home for some. A half dozen pinball games ranging from campy to hard-core are waiting to be played near the back, while a vintage jukebox churns out classics and deep cuts from the all-time greats. 564 Seneca Avenue

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