Summer Fun

Your Ultimate NYC Summer 2019 Bucket List

Why split town when all the summer fun is happening here this year?

Photo courtesy of The Williamsburg Hotel/Facebook

Anything you can do in the burbs or at the beach this summer, you can do better in NYC. Surfing? We’ve got that. Whale watching? Yep, that too. Sailing? Have you heard of the Hudson River? Good, because we’d be worried if you had not.

Behold, 38 ways to bask in all the summer vibes without leaving the five boroughs!

      1. Lick as much ice cream as you can.
      2. Have a picnic or barbecue at one of our favorite parks in which to lay down a blanket. Or let renowned pitmasters do the work while you get down at the Blues BBQ Festival in Hudson River Park on August 24.
      3. Head to one of NYC’s
        lush beer gardens or craft breweries for a frosty pint; beer is better in the beer gardens
      4. You may have noticed that surfing is the new yoga. There are sweet swells to be had just an A train ride away at Rockaway Beach. Once there, make a day of it!
      5. Climb up to the roof and savor a glass or two of your fave vino at these haute spots.
      6. Take a dip with a view at a rooftop pool.
      7. Slurp some oysters and sip on champagne at Grand Banks, a gorgeous wood schooner docked on the Hudson River.

        best oysters nyc
        Photo courtesy of Doug Lyle Thompson
      8. You don’t have to be a seasoned equestrian to hop atop a mighty horse and gallop away. Find a stable near you and saddle up. (Or skip the saddle and try horse yoga, instead!)
      9. Drink margaritas at the Boat Basin Cafe.
      10. If you’re going to pull sand out of your swimsuit, earn it with a beach volleyball match at Pier 25.
      11. Eat as many lobster rolls as possible between now and Labor Day.
      12. Play all day with the family at the revitalized waterfront Domino Park in Williamsburg, where an awesome playground, killer fountain, gourmet tacos, and Micheladas await.
      13. Learn the history of the Stonewall uprising and the LGBTQ civil rights movement of the ’60s and ’70s through photographs at the Museum of the City of New York’s new “Pride: Photographs of Stonewall and Beyond by Fred W. McDarrah” exhibition.

        Photo courtesy of Museum of the City of New York‎/Facebook
      14. Take to the water on a sailboat.
      15. Or in a kayak. (Push off into the East River from Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Valentino Pier in Red Hook, or Hallet’s Cove Beach in Astoria. Row the Hudson from Pier 96 or Pier 26 in Hudson River Park. Prefer the waters of the Lower Bay off of Staten Island? Try here.)
      16. Or in a canoe.
      17. Reel it in—catch-and-release fishing is allowed at many city parks.
      18. Knock back some Coronas with lime after a few buckets of crabs—and a few rounds of cornhole—at Red Hook’s Brooklyn Crab.

        Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Crab/Facebook
      19. Taste the rainbow! These Instagrammable Pride-themed drinks and treats give back.
      20. Grab a blanket, pack some cheese and bread, and watch a flick once the sun sets. There are loads of outdoor movie screenings all summer.
      21. Ride your bike to the beach. (Or to the Cloisters! Or to a carousel!)

        Photo by Sayaka Ueno
      22. Just climb the Vessel already.
      23. Reclaim your youth with a round of miniature golf
      24. Enter the “Ocean Cube,” a pop-up immersive exhibition in SoHo that serves up conservation messages along with Instagram-ready underwater tableaux.
      25. Not super into getting down and dirty? Glamp in style on Governors Island.
      26. Toast Pride at one of the many fabulous and history-making gay bars in the West Village. 

        cubbyhole manhattan gay bars
        Photo courtesy of Cubbyhole bar NYC/Facebook
      27. Pitch a tent and camp it up in Fort Wadsworth Park on Staten Island. 
      28. You don’t need to bother with Six Flags when the majestic Cyclone is waiting for you in Coney Island.
      29. Don’t like roller coasters? There are lots of other ways for the weak of stomach to enjoy Coney Island. We’ve got a whole free-of-rides Coney itinerary.
      30. Get into your downward dog pose at one of many outdoor yoga spots. Why not do it on the beach?
      31. Cool down—like, way, way down—inside a cryotherapy chamber set to minus-250 degrees Fahrenheit (we’re pretty sure it’s good for you!).
      32. Go all Moby Dick with a whale-watching adventure in the Rockaways.

        Photo courtesy of American Princess Cruises/Facebook
      33. Laze away an afternoon at the ballpark with minor-league teams Brooklyn Cyclones or Staten Island Yankees—tickets are much cheaper and the seats are better than at the big-league games. 
      34. Summon your inner Jay-Z and/or Beyoncé and straddle a Jet Ski for a cool—and cooling—thrill.
      35. Sip sweet tea on the veranda of Alexander Hamilton’s Harlem home.
      36. Escape the city on a one-day vacay to the charming and bucolic town of Hudson, New York.
      37. See Björk’s swan dress up close at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion” exhibition.

        camp: notes on fashion
        Photo by Sayaka Ueno
      38. Hit the ropes course at the Bronx Zoo’s Treetop Adventure. Beware the advanced route!

Now that you’re prepped to have the best summer in NYC, let us help you make it happen!