Sip and Swirl at the Best Wine Shops in Town

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
It should be city code that there is a decent wine shop in every American neighborhood, but even without legal obligation, Los Angeles is doing fine on its own. Thankfully, we’re even gifted with some of the country’s most exciting, well-curated places to shop for wine—whether you’re hunting for a prized bottle of grower champagne or a cult fave import, tell the merchant what you’re making for dinner, and you'll most likely come out with the perfect pairing. These spots cater to curiosity, so prepare to arrive with an open mind and leave with something delicious in hand.
wine store los angeles Photo by Dylan and Jeni/Courtesy of Domaine L.A.
Domaine L.A. A grower-producer–focused wine boutique for both a wine geek’s honed palate and a curious newbie’s fresh one. Biweekly tastings and a helpful, passionate staff can introduce you to vinos on a spectrum from crowd-pleasing to esoteric, making every kind of drinker happy. 6801 Melrose Avenue Helen’s Wines A nook adjacent to Jon & Vinny’s, this tiny boutique wine shop serves as a takeout option for the restaurant’s excellent wine list, should you want to re-create the red sauce experience at home. Tasting notes are succinct, written with love, and geared toward getting the right bottle into your hands. 412 North Fairfax Avenue
wine store los angeles Photo courtesy of Héritage Fine Wines/Facebook
Héritage Fine Wines Whether you’re looking for a solid $15 bottle or an outstanding selection for $1,000, French owner (and biodynamic Burgundy winemaker) Jordane Andrieu and his diploma in oenology will guide you to the perfect choice. With tastings, film screenings, and rooftop dinner parties, Héritage is the Beverly Hills answer to a wine shop and hang. Tastings are curated weekly by Andrieu himself and served with bread imported from the revered Poilâne bakery in Paris. 467 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills
wine store los angeles Photo courtesy of Lou Wine Shop
Lou Wine Shop Essential for esoteric oenophiles. Owner Lou Amdur is a bit of a legend in the L.A. wine scene. Peruse his impeccable curation of natural wines from around the world, and if you’re lucky, he’ll be in the shop to give you a personal recommendation from his encyclopedic knowledge in signature comedic delivery. It’s not just a wine shop; it’s a special experience. 1911 Hillhurst Avenue Psychic Wines L.A.’s coolest wine shop and ground zero for the hip natural wine set, with a neighborhood feel and an ethos of sharing excitement and enthusiasm about its stock of fascinating vinos from around the world. Stop in with a curious mind and come away with special treats. 2825 Bellevue Avenue
wine store los angeles Photo courtesy of Silver Lake Wine
Silver Lake Wine, Highland Park Wine, Silver Lake Wine DTLA The three outposts of the Silver Lake Wine network each serve an essential function in the local wine scene: creating community through their weekly tastings and offering a solid lineup of natural-leaning wines at all price points. Props to their $15-and-under table, as well as their roster of sparkling options and pét-nats. 2395 Glendale Boulevard; 5918 1/2 North Figueroa Street; 1948 East 7th Street Vinovore A cheeky, unstuffy wine shop almost exclusively highlighting female winemakers from around the world who skew toward natural, low-intervention methods. A chart on the wall that asks “What kind of vinovore are you?” demystifies wine shopping through nine Zodiac-style personality types based on customers' vibes and palates, so you can navigate the stock and find your perfect variety pretense-free! 616 North Hoover Street