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Where to Stylishly Load Up on Carbs Before You Run—Or Watch!—The NYC Marathon

The best part about running 26.2 miles? All the carbs you’re allowed to eat!

Photo courtesy of Cemitas El Tigre

Even in this low- and no-carb world we’re living in, runners from across the boroughs—and many beyond!—still need some starchy goodness to get them through the New York City Marathon. Distance runners and their most loyal spectators shouldn’t settle on plain-old spaghetti or bagels, though. Carb-load in style with the tastiest noodles, pasta, baked goods, rice dishes, and sammies. 

Runner & Stone

Neighborhood: Gowanus, Brooklyn

What to eat: Sometimes you just want to go to town on a crispy baguette—and that’s OK! If you decide to shamelessly eat one by your lonesome, though, this Gowanus bakery elevates its carb game with an unusual ingredient. Buckwheat is a pseudo-cereal prominently known for containing a high amount of antioxidants, magnesium, copper, and iron, making it an excellent substitute for those with digestive and immune issues. See? Bread can be healthy! 285 Third Avenue

Photo courtesy of Runner & Stone

The Longshoreman

Neighborhood: Columbia Waterfront District, Brooklyn

What to eat: There’s nothing quite like a big bowl of cacio e pepe to warm both the heart and gut. Executive chef Kevin Noccioli prefers making his version rich and classic with one luscious inclusion: a hearty serving of the protein-rich sea urchin. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper cacio without being coiled with long, flat ribbons of pasta made in-house. 215 Columbia Street 

Photo by Lily Brown/Courtesy of the Longshoreman

Left Bank

Neighborhood: West Village

What to eat: Farro has all kinds of secret health powers—fiber! protein! iron!—so you could easily swap your multivitamins for a bowl of this every now and then. This West Village charmer‘s breakfast bowl comes with plenty of greens (brussels sprouts, kale, and zucchini noodles) and a perfectly poached egg to further optimize your health while you’re pre- or post-marathoning hard. 117 Perry Street (between Greenwich and Hudson Streets)


Neighborhood: Jackson Heights, Queens

What to eat: This beloved hole-in-the-wall makes its carb- and protein-packed Bangladeshi dishes most hours of the day, but its famed rice dish—chicken sindhi biryani—stands out from the rest for its distinct flavor profile comprised of fresh herbs, toasted garam masala, and sour yogurt–marinated chicken. Should you have extra room for more carb-loading, the fluffy naan is a must-order. 70-64 Broadway

A tasty plate of carbs! / Photo courtesy of Kababish/Yelp

Chip NYC

Neighborhoods: West Village, Astoria, Long Island City, and Ditmars

What to eat: The Queens-born bakery concocts wild cookie creations on the daily, but the mammoth chocolate peanut butter chip handful balances salty and sweet in every mouthful. Added protein and healthy fats packed inside every peanut butter morsel will help push you along your 26.2-mile journey—or at least give you enough energy to stand on the sidelines cheering the athletes on. Multiple locations

Photo courtesy of Chip New York City/Facebook

Any of Our Favorite, Most Secret Sandwiches

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Marathon weekend is a perfect time to eat a mountain of sandwiches, particularly ones that your fellow runners don’t know about. Check them all out here and…shhh!

Tasty carbs between bread! / Photo courtesy of Cemitas El Tigre

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