Cats, Artificial Intelligence, and Andy Warhol Take the Arts Spotlight This Month in Chicago

Deborah Stratman, “Still From the Illinois Parables,” 2016. Image courtesy of the artist.

This March in Chicago, art events and openings run the gamut, from a seasonally apropos solo show filled with floral collages to stained-glass windows to a performed reading about artificial intelligence to cats—and plenty more.

Liu Bolin, Hiding in the City, No. 95, Coal Pile, 2010. Chromogenic print. Loan courtesy of Eli Klein/Image courtesy of Eli Klein and the artist. © Liu Bolin.

“Commercial Break” at FLXST Contemporary
In this solo show, Filipino-American artist Jeffrey Augustine Songco presents a series of collages made of colorful textiles, pieced together to form patterns. Resembling flowers and plants, they serve as cryptic self-representations, at once beautiful yet fetishized.
Details: March 7

“Eternal Light: The Sacred Stained Glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany” at Richard H. Driehaus Musuem
This elegant display of stained-glass windows—a rare opportunity to see ecclesiastical work by Tiffany—ends soon. Not to be missed, the show is a real dive into this period of the studio’s output, with plenty of drawings and archival materials to peruse.
Details: Through March 8

Chicago Works: Deborah Stratman at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Revisit major events in Illinois history in this film by the Chicago artist, from the Manhattan Project to the devastating tornadoes of 1925. Divided into 11 chapters, or parables, the hourlong meditation thinks critically about collective memory, records, and all their gaps.
Details: March 17

The Bio-Adapter at Museum of Contemporary Photography
Ubiquitous yet fast evolving, artificial intelligence can still seem like a relatively novel concept today. In this performed reading of Oswald Wiener’s narrative text, The Bio-Adapter, head back in time to the ’60s to absorb some of the earliest descriptions of AI.
Details: March 19

“The World to Come” at DePaul Art Museum
The term anthropocene has been theorized, accepted, and argued to great extent in recent years, and it is no surprise that many artists, too, have wrestled with its meaning in their work. This massive exhibition features 40 international contemporary artists who are thinking critically about the current geological age and what it may foretell for the future.
Details: March 19

Corner Phase. / Photo courtesy of Jennie C. Jones

“Constant Structure” at the Arts Club of Chicago
Artist Jennie C. Jones draws on the idea of constant structure in this solo show. The term, in jazz, refers to a cohesive progression of chords with different root notes; interested in the cohesiveness of disparate elements, Jones has created minimalist paintings and works on paper.
Details: March 19

Fantastic Felines Art Show at 4Art Space
This zany exhibition, clearly, is for cat lovers. See pieces by 22 artists working in diverse styles and mediums, who pay tribute to every fur ball, from house cats to supernatural kitties.
Details: March 20

Jill C. Zgorzelski, Purrcaso. / Photo courtesy of the artist/Facebook

“Who Represents Us?” at Spertus Institute
If you missed the major Andy Warhol show at the Art Institute, this is a more focused but just as enlightening display. In 1980, the painter finished portraits of 10 notable Jewish figures that raised controversy at the time; see them in this exhibition, which places them in conversation with highlights from the Spertus’s own collection.
Details: March 23

Ian Cheng Lecture at the Art Institute of Chicago
You’ve likely seen the artist’s complex video works, which are all at once video games, AI experiments, and studies of human behavior populated with virtual Shiba Inus. Hear him speak about and unpack these captivating computer generations during this free lecture.
Details: March 24