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The Summer “Camp” That Tastes Like Deconstructed S’Mores and Memories

Relive your childhood fantasies at Chefs Club Counter and DŌ's camp-themed dessert pop-up.

Photo courtesy of DŌ Cookie Dough Confections/Facebook

For those of you prepping for bikini season, you might want to stop reading here.

That’s because Chefs Club Counter, where a rotating band of culinary whizzes take turns in the kitchen, just announced its latest pop-up and it’s meant to help us relive our best childhood experiences. Running from June 1 through summer the fine-fast restaurant is teaming up with dessert hot spot DŌ to create a devastatingly sweet (in a good way), camp-themed menu and is serving up some majorly tasty nostalgia. Get ready to reminisce about those messy s’more-making days with a yummier deconstructed version, aptly called The Campfire. The ‘mallow and Hershey’s snack gets a more refined upgrade with milk chocolate ganache, marshmallow soft serve, and DŌ’s signature chocolate chip cookie dough.

Meanwhile, you’ll want to think twice before passing up The Chocolatey Blob’s rainbow-colored cones as too childish; this triple threat of rich chocolate ice cream, freshly made cookie dough bits, and decadent fudge holds up to the most mature palates. And what self-respecting camp doesn’t have a classic Dirt Pudding Cup, or at least a fudge popsicle swirl, cookies and cream crumble, and salted dark chocolate pudding version of it? (Topped with a gummy worm, obvs.)

In addition to summer camp-inspired treats, the pop-up’s equally on-theme interior—complete with a tire swing, hanging canoe, and backdrop of the great outdoors—promises to transport you back to your ghost story telling days. The cherry on top of this toothsome, immersive experience? The first 50 customers to arrive opening day will receive a free dessert. But don’t worry, late-arrivers can channel their inner-child with Camp Cookie DŌ t-shirts, tattoos, and notepads.

Why You Should Go: This is like camp with all the delicious parts and none of the bugs, early alarms, and awkward sing-alongs.

Chefs Club Counter Presents: Camp Cookie DŌ
62 Spring Street (off Lafayette Street), Soho
Friday, June 1–Friday, August 31
Monday–Friday, 12–10 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, 12–11 p.m.