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Hey, Colton Underwood, Here are 11 NYC Things That Are Sexier Than Hailing a Cab

“The Bachelor” star recently saw his newly beloved, Cassie Randolph, snare a taxi. It blew his mind. Imagine what our list will do!

Photo courtesy of Colton Underwood/Facebook

He hopped a fence. He changed hairstyles. He took showers. He stole America’s heart. He is, of course, the Bachelor, and he likes to watch. What does Colton Underwood like to watch, exactly? His reality TV costar, Cassie Randolph, get a New York City taxicab to stop for her. He likes it so much, he said it was “the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Oh, really? Maybe dude doesn’t get out much, but we couldn’t help but think there are sexier things in the greatest city on earth than… transportation. In fact, we’ve written about many of them ourselves! So consider this a Colton Service Announcement, meant to inject some actual sexiness into the erstwhile bachelor’s dreary-sounding life. The rest of us should feel free to use the list, too—there’s plenty of sexiness to go around!

  1. Dinner at this perfectly lit and perfectly delicious Persian restaurant.
  2. Several of the city’s sexy bookstores.
  3. The most romantic place in NYC to dance.
  4. Chocolate and cheese. (It’s not just a Ween album.)
  5. A stroll through the Village.
  6. Or along Alexander Avenue.
  7. Sexy constitutional rights in dramatic form.
  8. Sharing a lifesaving doughnut (because what’s sexier than saving a life?!)
  9. Making out in this superglam powder room.
  10. This sexy play about sexy people being sexy on a dirty, sexy sofa, starring two very sexy actors.
  11. Falling in love in the city.

There are many, many more sexy things to do, eat, drink, and see in the city, Colton, so please do get in touch if you need fresh ideas.

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