Live Music

Music Inside an Underground Brooklyn Cheese Cave

Cave Music, the bi-monthly concert series in Crown Finish Caves, is one of the hottest (and hardest) tickets to land in Brooklyn.

Caves are kind of like prehistoric showers when it comes to acoustics: Music just sounds better inside one, which is why Brooklyn’s Crown Finish Caves, used for aging cheese by day, is moonlighting as a music venue.

The Crown Heights affineurs recently launched Cave Music, a bimonthly concert series, deep inside their subterranean cheese lairs—converted lager tunnels dating back to the 1850s—in the historic Nassau Brewery warehouse. The cheeseheads who manage to land a ticket consider it Keltic Gold; the last edition of Cave Music sold all of its 100 tickets in a matter of minutes.

Crown Finish Caves
Listen to live music and nibble on well-aged cheeses underground in Crown Finish Caves

One of the tunnels acts as a micro-bar—with kegs donated from local breweries and gourmet nibbles like cheese-stretch-worthy grilled cheese and pickle-and-cheese pairings acting as your night’s menu—and another acts as the pop-up concert venue. There are no bad seats; the tunnel’s high arches allow the music—primarily blues, based on the acts from the previous three “volumes,” as Crown Finish Caves calls them—to flow into every nook of the space.

Why You Should Go: Who could have ever imagined one of Kings County’s most intimate music venues would be right under your feet? It also doesn’t hurt to have easy access to aged cheese during set breaks.

Cave Music
Crown Finish Caves
925 Bergen Street, Crown Heights
Next show is Wednesday, April 18
Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Keep your eye out for tickets on Crown Finish Caves’s Instagram account. Or let us hunt them down for you.  Read more of our great live music recommendations in The Guide.