Where’d You Get That?

NYC’s Cycling Style: 5 Bikers on Their Wheels and Wardrobe

We promise: No bicycle shorts.

Photo by Sayaka Ueno

The warmer weather brings short sleeves, sandals, sundresses…and a swarm of sexy cycles to the city’s streets. Manhattan cyclists wouldn’t slow down to have their photo taken, but the leisure riders in Williamsburg were more than happy to show off their colorful wheels and outfits to match. (Inspired to hop on your own fixie for a tool around town? We mapped out our favorite NYC bike routes here.)

Of Bikes and Books

adam cohen cycling apparel
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Front-of-house restaurant manager
Where do you live? Cobble Hill
What are you reading? The graphic adaptation of Studs Terkel’s Working
Favorite biking event in NYC? The Red Hook Criterium Championship
Where’d you get that? Pants from J.Crew; shirt from thrift shop; Chuck 70 sneakers from Converse; sunglasses from Goodr; bag from Mission Workshop; bike from Schwinn

Bell of the Bike

carlyne suarez cycling apparel
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Where do you live? Bushwick
Any favorite eateries? I love Champs Diner and Little Choc Apothecary, both in Williamsburg
Where do you like to bike to?
The Brooklyn Bridge and Domino Park
Where’d you get that? Pants and jacket from Buffalo Exchange; Chuck sneakers from Converse; pins on jacket from Pin Lord and Soul y Luna; bike from Zukkies Bike Shop

Black and Yellow

kristin barr cycling apparel
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Web developer
Where do you live? Williamsburg
Who makes the best doughnuts in NYC, in your opinion? Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint!
What is your favorite bike ride?
The Hudson River Greenway along the West Side Highway
Where’d you get that? Pants from Outlier; shirt is a giveaway from a tech company; cycling cap from Sprstr Bags; sneakers from Adidas

Not His Dad’s Bike, Though

luciano acuna jr cycling apparel
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Stunt actor
Where do you live? Bushwick
Where do you practice your stunts? At Brooklyn Zoo, a parkour training studio in Williamsburg
Where’d you get that? Shirt and pants from “my dad’s closet”; shoes from Vans; backpack from Adidas; jewelry from Soul y Luna; bike from Zukkies Bike Shop

Red Riding

nadia bovy cycling apparel
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Where do you live? Bushwick
Favorite literary haunt in the city? Unnameable Books in Prospect Heights. I do readings there sometimes.
Where’d you get that? Jeans from Levi’s; sweater from Urban Outfitters; vintage jacket from the Brick Lane Market in London; hat from John Lewis & Partners UK; shoes from Timberland; bike from Harvest Cyclery

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