“David Bowie Is” Making Its Final Stop at the Brooklyn Museum

Celebrate the life and creativity of one of the most important artists of the 20th century at “David Bowie Is.”

David Bowie. The Archer, Station to Station tour, 1976. / Photo by John Robert Rowlands

If you were born any time before 1998, chances are high that David Bowie provided at least part of the soundtrack to your formative years and influenced your conception of gender, sexuality, and modern life. So like me (and probably all of New York City’s Gen-Xers), you’re planning an homage visit to the megahyped “David Bowie Is” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.

And you should. The massive show is like a multimedia greatest hits collection—with no tracks that you’ll want to skip. Don a pair of headphones to hear music, interviews, and narration as you walk through all aspects of Bowie’s career, from press photos for his first band, the Konrads, to the Freddie Burretti blue suit he wore in the “Life on Mars?” video to the crystal-tipped cane he wielded in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Whether you’re a casual listener or a hard-core fanatic, there’s something surprising to learn about the extraordinary artist around every corner.

But be warned: The show leaves you with a parting gut punch.


David Bowie is
Photograph from the album cover shoot for Aladdin Sane, 1973. / Photo by Brian Duffy. Photo Duffy © Duffy Archive & The David Bowie Archive

Why You Should Go: For a cathartic exploration of Bowie’s life and creative output. This show will leave you exploring your own golden years, as well.

“David Bowie Is”
Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights
Through Sunday, July 15
$20 Wednesday–Friday; $25 Saturday and Sunday; skip-the-line “Lightning Bolt” tickets $35; free to Brooklyn Museum members

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