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Get Cooking With a Top Chef!

De Gustibus Cooking School and What Should We Do?! want to help you learn to navigate the kitchen and savor your creations.

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Sure, New York is full of amazing restaurants where you can eat every kind of food at almost any hour of the day, but sometimes you want to stay in and cook something special in your own kitchen. For those who don’t have a couple of free years to attend culinary school, we’ve got the next best thing. At a De Gustibus Cooking School class, you can learn how to make extraordinary dishes from first-class chefs—in just one night. Intrigued? We’d love to send you to a workshop led by Erik Ramirez on Monday, June 5.

Ramirez is the acclaimed Peruvian-American executive chef whose work is savored by patrons of Williamsburg’s Llama Inn. The New York Times’s Pete Wells called Ramirez’s creations there “different but very welcome” and praised his use of “excellent raw materials” and his conviction that food “should be fun.” Ramirez previously fed grateful diners at Eleven Madison Park (you know, that little place that was just named—no biggie—the world’s best restaurant) and Nuella.

While the menu for the class is still being worked out—dishes are planned a week in advance to ensure the freshest ingredients—we’ve been to other De Gustibus chef demonstrations and know that every detail is expertly executed and each menu item is delicious. Expect Ramirez to discuss his culinary philosophy and background as he preps his dishes in a well-lit, intimate space where everyone can see him work with a bird’s-eye view. A casual vibe is encouraged, with wine and questions freely flowing. This is a chance to learn some impressive culinary tricks—from how to use kitchen tools to the best way to balance spices—at the side of a working professional. It’s also a chance to sample the finished product! Talk about a delicious way to learn something new while meeting fellow food lovers.

Let us reserve you a spot for Ramirez’s demo and you’ll be cooking in no time.

Photo courtesy of De Gustibus Cooking School