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Eat Here Right Now: Di An Di

If you only dine out at one place this month, make it here.

Photos courtesy of Di An Di

It’s time to expand your Vietnamese culinary horizons beyond banh mi. The team behind Lower East Side destination An Choi—Kim Hoang, Dennis Ngo, and Tuan Bui—has branched out to the edge of Greenpoint for their latest pho-tastic concept, Di An Di. With a name that translates to “let’s go eat,” here are a few reasons why you should take them up on their offer.

The Pho Is Outrageous…

We get it: Summer is a weird time to be slurping on wide rice noodles and spectacles-steaming broth…but we don’t think you’re going to want to wait until fall for this pho. Particularly outstanding is the No. 3, the edible tribute to acclaimed Ha Noi noodle shop Pho Thin. The beefy broth takes on additional flavor from copious bits of fatty brisket and the hundreds of scallions floating to the surface, not to mention the luscious poached yolk gently placed in the heart of your bowl.  

Di An Di NYC

…As Are the Shared Plates

Chicken wings are so passé. In lieu of the bar snack staple, the kitchen has whipped up a dish that’s unexpectedly inspired: a quartet of crispy pig tails. The shared plate is on the heftier side, but you won’t be able to stop yourself from nibbling every bit of fried skin and licking the pungent fish caramel coating off your fingertips. On the lighter end of the appetizer spectrum is the paper-thin Vietnamese “pizza” topped with ingredients like shrimp floss and pickled chilis. Oh, and forget your usual pizza cutter; this thin crust comes with a regal gold scissor

They Pour the Drink of the Season

Because you can only drink so many French 75s in your lifetime, switch it up with a Vietnamese 69. Out goes the champagne and lemon juice; in comes a few splashes of rosé and clarified grapefruit, and then it’s shaken with some freshly grated ginger and topped off with a mint sprig in a gimlet glass. You’ll want to camp out at the brassy bar all summer. Speaking of seating…

Di An Di NYC

The Decor Makes You Feel Like You’re on Vacation in the Tropics

From printed palm wallpaper to hanging ferns and succulents to skylights flooding the back dining room with natural light, the exotic interior transports you far away from Kings County. Combined with a soundtrack filled with beachy indie rock and atmospheric instrumentals, you’ll almost forget you’re on the cusp of the East River.

Di An Di NYC

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