Eating + Drinking

Eat Your Way Through Williamsburg

One delicious day loaded up with cake, burgers, pizza, and cocktails.

Photo courtesy of OddFellows

All gourmands know their basic food groups: pizza, burgers, cake, and cocktails. We’ve got all four at this delicious day in one of the city’s foodie-est neighborhoods.

Start with a hands-on birthday cake and truffle-making class at Milk Bar Williamsburg. More than just a chance to sample Milk Bar’s highly coveted desserts, you’ll learn how to build your own birthday cake layer by delicious layer. Think of this as a way to indulge and develop a new creative talent. (But mostly indulge.)

Need something meaty to weigh down your sugar high? Head to DuMont Burger, the neighborhood’s favorite burger joint, for a juicy round or two of ground chuck. And order at least one Pickles & Co. appetizer, with pickled jalapeños and tempura-battered haricot verts.

If burgers aren’t your thing (DuMont does serve a veggie version though), grab a late lunch at Motorino Pizza for some of the best wood-fired, thin-crust pizza this side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Take a short break and give your taste buds a rest. (Perhaps admire the artifacts on display—quirky New York historical items including a set of dentures found in Dead Horse Bay and paint chips from the L train platform—at City Reliquary, a hidden, tiny gem of a museum that looks like a bodega?). But then get back on the horse at Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. Flavors change daily, but trust us, all of the selections are oh-my-God good.

No foodie tour of Williamsburg is complete without a visit to Reynard, one of the first restaurants to put Williamsburg on the culinary map, so plan for dinner there. We’re addicted to their tatsoi salad with avocado cream and cremini mushrooms and the leg of lamb with stinging nettle cream, but don’t hate us if you don’t see those items on their ever-changing seasonal menu; everything is good. Bonus: Reynard is gratuity-free (service costs are built into menu prices) so you can leave your tipping math skills at home.

Finish your Williamsburg smorgasbord at Westlight, the view-spoiled bar atop the William Vale Hotel. Sip beautiful cocktails and share an order of warm apple “hand pies” with bourbon caramel and crème fraîchehe, both sure to leave you with sweet dreams tonight.

Want more Williamsburg recommendations? Check out our Billyburg walking tour and get in touch with our planners, who can help your day go off without a hitch.