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The Must-Sees and Dos for June in NYC

The WSWD experts share what THEY'RE up to this month.

Photo by Andrew Rauner

Our experts—10 and counting—make cultural waves across New York City 24/7/365. Music guru, John Seroff, sees 150 to 200 live shows each year. What Should We Do?!’s resident foodie Jess Bender woke up early and stayed up late for weeks finding the most drool-worthy doughnuts around the boroughs. Lauren Lipton, health and wellness editor, does yoga at all hours. And Meera Dugal does it all, from writing to moonlighting as a programming manager at Lincoln Center.

So it’s safe to say that our insiders know the performers, venues, eateries, and services that are worth your time. We asked a few of them to share highlights from their June calendars with us, so we could tag along on their highly curated adventures. Reach out if you’d like to join us at Daybreaker at the crack of dawn, a Friday night brunch at Northside Festival, or any of our other picks!

Meera Dugal, WSWD music editor

Dirty Projectors, Kamasi Washington, and Jay Som at McCarren Park, June 8
“This is the kind of triple bill that I live for! What binds these three artists is an eerie, dreamy, floating vibe that is going to be stellar experienced outside at McCarren Park. The first time I heard Kamasi live was at an outdoor show at SummerStage. He introduced a song talking about the spirit of his mother and then there was this big gush of wind through the trees as the song started and it was magic.”

Photo courtesy of Northside Festival

Jess Bender, WSWD food editor

The Extra Crispy BreakFestival, June 10
“Your mother’s been telling you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your entire life; Extra Crispy just wants to emphasize that point. This eight hour foodie festival is full of your A.M. staples—pancakes, doughnuts, biscuits, pie (yes, breakfast pie is a thing), dim sum, Bloody Marys, and So. Much. MORE.”

Raven Snook, WSWD family editor

Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure Opens, TBD
“My kid is counting down the days until the Bronx Zoo opens its latest addition: an aerial adventure comprised of a variety of high-in-the-sky rope courses, and a pair of zip lines built for racing. Sign up for the email list so you can buy tickets right when they go on sale.”

My Neighbor Totoro: Studio Ghibli Fest 2017, June 25
“Introduce your kids to one of my family’s favorite animated movies of all time, Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 fantasy My Neighbor Totoro, which is playing for one weekend as part of the ongoing Studio Ghibli Fest. The anime flick tells the story of a professor and his two young sisters who befriend wood spirits in ’50s Japan. It’s stunningly beautiful, especially on the big screen, an absolutely transportive experience.”

Photo courtesy of Studio Ghibli Fest

John Seroff, WSWD music editor

Ustad Irshad Khan and Wajahat Khan, June 17
“Brothers and musicians-in-arms Irshad and Wajahat Khan are both referred to in India by the honorific ‘Ustad,’ meaning ‘Maesto.’ They are descended from a long line of classical musicians who founded the Imdadkhani gharana school of sitar back in the mid-nineteenth century. Together, they’re a peek into a thriving Eastern tradition.”

Burnt Sugar Arkestra at the Harlem Arts Festival, June 25, 3:30 p.m.
“Greg Tate’s Burnt Sugar Arkestra are always worth catching.  They fuse jazz, rock and soul into a historically accurate but still very much living document that captures the spirit of black music in America.”

Photo by Ed Marshall

Tommy Kriegsman, WSWD theater editor

Hamlet Opens at The Public Theater, June 20
“How can you miss the classic Shakespearean play at a great theater directed by a Tony Award winner (Sam Gold of Fun Home and Othello)??”

Lauren Lipton, WSWD health and wellness editor

Daybreaker Pride, June 21
“I was dubious about trying Daybreaker, a crack-of-dawn dance/fitness party held approximately once a month at various locations in New York and other cities. The whole idea of pulsing lights, loud music, and sweaty bodies without any kind of intoxicant stronger than coffee seems…weird. But it turns out Daybreaker is a blast. You get the full nightclub experience, and then go to work, sober and energized. Everyone should try it once.”

Photo by Andrew Rauner

Secret Culinary Insider

Show Me Don’t Tell Me: Food Art, and Everything in Between, June 9
Two of the coolest women in the food scene are joining forces to disrupt that beloved weekend institution: brunch. Salad for President’s Julia Sherman, an artist and cook, and Mission Chinese Food chef Angela Dimayuga will serve breakfast for dinner as part of the Northside Festival, starting with a Q&A about Sherman’s awesome cookbook, Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists. Drinks are by fearless cocktail maestro Arley Marks, so you’ll probably miss brunch on Saturday.”

Arielle Tepper Madover, WSWD founder

MetFridays: Pride, June 23
“I love that such an established cultural institution is celebrating Pride. There aren’t that many uptown Pride events and this looks like an interesting night of dance, drinks, and lectures.”

Photo by Scott Rudd