Extraordinary Wellness Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Katie Stout’s “Sphinx for My Garden“ / Photo courtesy of Flutter Experience

As the wellness capital of the country, you bet Los Angeles has some flair when it comes to alchemizing great elements for spiritual satisfaction. We dug deep so you can travel to new realms at these special gatherings.

Mindful Yoga
Mindfulness and yoga go together about as well as outdoor spaces and free events, so why not throw all four of those things into one great fitness series? Combine tranquility and interactivity on the beach every Monday in July at the Manhattan Beach Pier and at Valley Park in Hermosa Beach in August.

Photo courtesy of Rhythm Visuals

Crystalline: Brazil’s Crystal Giants
An exhibition with tons of massive gemstones that must be seen to be believed, from the quartz-formation Skyline (looking like some sort of fairy metropolis, with gleaming crystal spires jutting up from rough stone) to the Amethyst Violet Throne, which is, yes, an amethyst so big you can sit in it. Come and contemplate all the great life decisions that brought you to this moment. Through July 27. Rhythm Visuals, 1040 South Olive Street

Leah Guadagnoli’s Stay a While / Photo courtesy of Flutter Experience

An immersive experience with a mission: combining the vibrant photo ops of a pop-up with exceptional contemporary art, this feel-good project aims to elevate mental health and youth engagement. The positive, playful space dabbles in sculpture, video, VR, and more, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Born This Way Foundation, which aims to destigmatize mental health. Through December 31. 217 South La Brea Avenue

Photo courtesy of the Golden Dome/Facebook

Tarot-thon for Migrant Justice
We can see your future, and it involves heading to the Women’s Center for Creative Work for Tarot-thon to participate in tarot readings, psychic readings, and Reiki. Plus you can grab herbal elixirs and baked goods for the road. All proceeds go to immigration nonprofits, ensuring great karma. July 27. Women’s Center for Creative Work, 2425 Glover Place

Photo courtesy of MindTravel

MindTravel Under the Stars
Lose yourself in a cocoon of music at this experiential event under the stars on Santa Monica Beach, as composer Murray Hidary’s dreamlike piano performance is beamed directly into your consciousness via wireless headphones. Listen, meditate, relax. July 26. Santa Monica Beach in front of Casa Del Mar Hotel, 1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica

Photo courtesy of MindTravel/Facebook

MindTravel Underwater
Pianist Murray Hidary concocts ethereal, dreamy compositions that you just want to float away to—and now you can. MindTravel Underwater sees Hidary improvising his delicate soundscapes live, with the music pumped through underwater speakers directly to the audience listening from an Olympic-size pool. Participants on this meditative journey can rest against floats with only their ears submerged, or swim and dance underwater, literally immersed in the music. July 28. Culver City Plunge, 4175 Overland Avenue, Culver City