Predicting the Fitness Trends of 2018

The thought of keeping your resolutions might make you break out in a sweat. You won’t mind the hard work when you're done with these on-trend workouts.

Fitness trends take time, often over a period of months or years, to develop into full-blown wellness movements. But which ones are worthy of pulling out your precious Lululemon leggings from the back of the closet? We predict the bouncing, butt-kicking, and sense-engaging workouts that will get your body back on track this year.

Kick Some Butt

It’s safe to say that following 2017’s infuriating political climate, fitness trends intended to get us into fighting shape are having a moment. If you’re looking to learn some serious takedowns, Cardio Kombat at SoulAnnex (the non–cycling studio from SoulCycle that opened in the fall) can kick you into shape with a high-energy workout complete with choreographed fight sequences inspired by mixed martial arts.

fitness trends 2018
Photo courtesy of SoulAnnex

Let’s Bounce

Remember the rebounder craze of the 1980s? It’s back and cool again. A new Vogue-approved group workout called TrampoLean sets you on your own mini trampoline, cranks up the music, and lets you bounce your way to stronger muscles and a low-impact fat burn. Depending on the class, you can add toning exercises or enjoy a rave-inspired atmosphere with glow sticks and club lighting.

Who Runs the World?

Need a break from the patriarchy? Head to Uplift Studios, a gym for women that also doubles as a social club and offers an array of classes—from strengthening and sculpting to private training. If you’ve got a bun in the oven, Fit Pregnancy Club won’t take it easy on you. Its prenatal fitness regimen offers moms-to-be safe group classes in strength training, yoga, and a core-focused “pump and kegel” workout.

fitness trends 2018
Photo courtesy of Uplift Studios

Immersive Fitness

Is your indoor workout getting you down? At David Barton’s new gym, TMPL, you can take an immersive spin class, where you really feel as if you’re cycling through landscapes on cinema-size projectors. You might find yourself virtually running through real-life cities or fantastical scenery. If you’d like to give immersive yoga a try, Woom Center offers classes that include kaleidoscopic light displays, surround sound, and essential oils to engage all your senses.

A few more ways to get physical this year: Stretch, hydrate, and get in touch with us.