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Gather Your Girl Squad: 25 Ways to Have the Ultimate Galentine’s Day

Who needs a steady date when you can celebrate with all your single ladies instead?

We’ve all had at least one Valentine’s Day where our S.O. was a box of chocolates and our date was yelling at couples kissing on TV. Let’s be real, though, there are better ways to spend your time February 13: We came up with 25 of them so you can have the best Galentine’s Day with your crew—and so you don’t spend another night in lonely solitude.

  1. Eat all the waffles, Leslie Knope–style. We prefer ours smothered in Nutella and topped with fried chicken.
  2. Sip on some bewitching libations with the Butter + Scotch crowd.
  3. Mingle with your fellow oenophiles inside Strand’s Rare Book Room.
  4. Take it back to 1996 with your star-crossed comrades at Little Cinema’s tribute to Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.
  5. Dress in your best pearls for a proper breakfast at Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Box Café.
  6. Make flower crowns and nibble on vegan chocolates in Bushwick.
  7. Freeze your butt off with some cryotherapy.
  8. Eat like the royalty you are at Dirt Candy and Rockaway Brewing Company’s Mardi Gras blowouts.
  9. Primp and polish your tootsies with a rosemary eucalyptus pedi at Tribeca’s Sweet Lily.
  10. Drink sublime (and artisanal) spirits at Brooklyn’s best distilleries.
  11. Congregate with your fellow single people at Littlefield.
  12. Sip rosé and embrace the color du jour inside the all-millennial-pink Pietro.
  13. Sting like a (spelling) bee with your fellow nerds….
  14. …or maybe just debate which Hogwarts house is best over a cheese tasting at Murray’s.
  15. Discover a new ethnic enclave, like Brooklyn’s Little Caribbean.
  16. Get to bed early; you have to wake up for yoga and dancing at Daybreaker.
  17. Go on a dumpling-eating spree in Flushing.
  18. Belt out your feelings inside one of Insa’s karaoke rooms, and maybe order some fried chicken while you’re at it.
  19. Sweat out those bad vibes with a hot yoga class.
  20. Get lit inside some of the city’s best indie bookstores.
  21. See and be seen at Carbone and Vandal.
  22. Stitch it up in Dumbo; don’t forget your favorite bottle of Pinot.
  23. Take a wintry (and free!) stroll through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
  24. Find your zen inside a boutique meditation studio.
  25. Dress in your Gatsby best for a throwback Creole carnival, hosted by Prohibition Productions.

Because Galentine’s Day is the best day to treat yourself, make sure to do it right. Get in touch with an experience adviser for any planning and booking assistance.