Is That a Gym or a Spa? Yes! 6 NYC Spots Where You Can Refresh Your Body *and* Your Mind

A new breed of wellness center combines the best of traditional gyms, spas, and even your doctor’s office to improve your health from head to toe.

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It used be that you went to a gym for weights, treadmills, and cardio classes, and you went to a spa for massages and facials. But these days, the line between gym and spa has blurred, creating a hybrid of wellness centers that resemble space-age hospitals (complete with cryo chambers and IV drips) in some cases and hippie nature retreats (think: sound baths, crystals, and green juices) in others. One thing these new holistic health hubs have in common? They go way beyond step classes and shoulder rubs.

The Well

This two-floor, 13,000-square-foot private club—which counts the likes of Deepak Chopra among its list of expert wellness consultants—creates customized wellness plans for its members, each of whom receive guidance and support from a personal health coach. (Want to train for a triathlon while working to fix your sleeping patterns and kick that bad sugar habit? This is the place to be.)

Clients have exclusive access to a private training studio, steam room, sauna, and laconium (for less intense heat therapies)—plus myriad fitness classes, from high-intensity interval training to the Chinese practice of qigong, and unlimited yoga and meditation. (Optional add-on services include massage, acupuncture, reflexology, and Reiki.) In addition, there’s an on-site restaurant and café that serves fine Ayurvedic fare, both of which are open to the public. 2 East 15th Street (on Fifth Avenue), Union Square

Clean Market

From an IV drip and booster-shot lounge (offering 14 different intravenous vitamin solutions) to infrared saunas (capable of burning up to 600 calories) and a full-size cryo chamber (set to 202 degrees Fahrenheit), this health mecca—the brainchild of cookbook author Lily Kunin—has it all. After your treatment(s), grab a pick-me-up at the Power Shot Bar (where add-ons include CBD, liquid B vitamins, and chlorophyll) or order one of the aptly named “functional lattes,” which are spiked with adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms. Stop by the Modern Apothecary, too, where you’ll find a carefully curated selection of body and beauty products designed to energize, detoxify, and defy aging. 240 East 54th Street (between Second and Third Avenues), Midtown East

clean market wellness centers
Photo courtesy of Clean Market

Rise by We

A new venture from the We Company (the folks behind WeWork) and housed in its palatial co–work space in FiDi, this modern sanctuary serves as a cool space to strengthen, relax, and rejuvenate. Book a yoga, Pilates, or meditation class, or sign up for a high-intensity workout that calls for sprinting, rowing, and other full-body strength movements sure to get your heart pumping. Once you’re done, treat yourself to an aromatherapy session or a deep-tissue massage at the spa—or go for a dip in the communal mineral pool, modeled on ancient Roman thermal baths and meant to relieve aches and increase circulation. And if you’re feeling extra sore, try the spa’s cold deluge therapy; icy water numbs the nerves around joints to reduce pain and inflammation. 85 Broad Street (between South William and Pearl Streets), Financial District

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The Assemblage NoMad

Perfect for busy professionals, this 48,000-square-foot co–work space showcases four meditation rooms, a rooftop garden, an on-site restaurant, and a plant café—not to mention more than 2,350 plants that lend to its biophilic design. Members of this exclusive community enjoy an Ayurvedic breakfast and lunch on weekdays, with all dishes from the seasonal menu made with ingredients sourced within a 200-mile radius of its location. Clients and their guests also have access to daily wellness programming, which includes yoga, breathwork, dance, and meditation classes. After a long day, head to the Alchemy Bar, where botanical drinks are designed to promote balance, energy, and immunity. 114 East 25th Street (between Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue South), NoMad

the assemblage nomad wellness centers
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Maha Rose

Practice hypnosis, learn intuitive Thai yoga therapy, or master Reiki at this holistic haven, where you can become a certified practitioner or join a mentorship program in any of those subjects (and more!). Looking to detox without lifting a finger? Partake in a shared infrared sauna experience, purported to boost endorphins, relieve pain, stimulate circulation, promote cardiovascular conditioning, and even improve skin. After your sweat session, browse the shop for crystal prisms, amethyst clusters, palo santo, selenite wands, and other natural healing elements. 97 Green Street, Greenpoint

Photo courtesy of Maha Rose/Facebook

NAO Wellness

This is your go-to spot for bespoke, one-on-one wellness programs and services—whether you’re looking to get in shape in time for your wedding, better your diet while breastfeeding, or learn how to prepare healthy, inexpensive meals for your whole family. Sweat it out in the infrared sauna, realign your spine in a chiropractic session, or balance your chakras at a Reiki session led by an experienced healer. Set up an appointment for nutritional coaching, food allergy testing, or detox and cleansing—or go all out and book a custom VIP Day, where you can “get your grocery shop groove on” by creating a weekly meal plan, learn how to organize your kitchen space, master how to use weirdly shaped utensils, and more. 28 West 12th Street, Lower Level (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues), Greenwich Village

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