This Holistic “Picnic” Has Tons of Good Vibes—And CBD!

Feast on wellness trends and New Age munchies at this indoor affair.

Photo courtesy of Aurora Elixirs Page/Facebook

If you love the idea of a picnic more than actually eating on the ground in the hot sun with bugs, then the Holistic Picnic, taking place on Sunday, May 5, is for you. Housed in the lovely, airy Green Building on Union Street in Gowanus, this picnic swaps out the standard hummus and pita for gluten-free, menses-supporting cookies from Moon Cycle Bakery; plant-based, herb-infused gummies; and CBD tonics.

So yes, maybe picnic is a misnomer. But this wellness event, sponsored by the online, all-things–Kings County magazine Brooklyn Based, aims for the same feel-good vibes as a day in the park, plus a little extra. What does wellness mean to Nicole Davis, the cofounder of Brooklyn Based and the event organizer? “Feeling good while being in harmony with the world.”

To that end, in addition to the munchies, the daylong affair will include 15-minute Reiki sessions and astrology or tarot card readings ($20–$25 each); a healthy book swap (trade your old yoga book for one on gardening!); a plant sale; workshops on energy clearing and cooking with hemp; and talking circles on topics including micro-dosing, hypnosis, and the benefits of CBD.

We’re most excited, though, for the aura readings from the folks at Bright Future Aura Photography, who will snap a portrait and then explain what your halo hues mean. What color is your biomagnetic field?

Brooklyn Based Presents Holistic Picnic
The Green Building
452 Union Street, Gowanus
Sunday, May 5
Noon-6 p.m.
$22; $12 for half-day admission; $30–$65 for workshops (including admission)

Make it a full-blown wellness day in Gowanus.