WSWD’s Drama Picks for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Fringe

Winnowing down the hundreds of available shows to a handful is an impossible task, though we’ve done our best to find the most promising and exciting selections of this year’s crop. Come out and support this annual open-access event celebrating the kind of freedom of expression that only the theatre can provide!

hollywood fringe festival 2019
Photo courtesy of Hollywood Fringe

Dear Jeff: A Musical Comedy about Suicide & Domestic Abuse
Dates: June 21, 26, 30
One of the perks of the Fringe Festival is it allows performers to explore emotionally raw territory in experimental ways, something on display in this one-woman musical based on the true story of writer/performer Callie Ott chronicling her relationship with a man who threatened to commit suicide if she left him. But when he actually went through with the threat, Callie plunges into a world of regret and “what-ifs” that she boldly channels here.  The Broadwater, 1078 Lilian Way

hollywood fringe festival 2019
Photo courtesy of Studio C/Facebook

I Am Not a Man
Date: June 29
This solo performance by Heather Kozlakowski, founder of all-female comedy show The Laugh Riot Dolls, explores her relationship with her father, who always seemed to have wanted a son. Kozlakowski plays both herself and her father in this hilariously raw dialog as she learns to stop trying to be the man her father wants her to be. Studio C, 6448 Santa Monica Boulevard

Dates: June 19, 26, 29
A darkly comedic one-act directly inspired by the Trump administration following a dictatorial father on a ranch in Nevada who leads his family through overblown displays of needless power, but finds himself challenged by his increasingly skeptical children. Stefanie Feury Studio Theatre, 5636 Melrose Avenue

Dates: June 23, 28, 29
Michael David Ker chronicles the worst year in his life: he lost both his parents and subsequently his home. Ker uses tragedy as a launching point into introspective comedy as he’s forced to see the silver lining or fall into the abyss. The Little Theater, 916 North Formosa

Dates: June 18, 25, 30
John Kolvenbach’s beloved book shines in this endearingly earnest production, a contemplative story about legacy: how parents form their children before sending them out into a world that immediately questions such conditioning. Hudson Theatres, 6539 Santa Monica Boulevard

hollywood fringe festival 2019
Photo courtesy of Good Shows Fringe/Facebook

Two Naked Angels
Dates: June 21, 27, 30
Two bold plays in one. With gallows humor, “Death Unity” follows a coroner as he breaks in a new employee on the first day on the job. “Lost Voices” is a trio of monologues by women with deep secrets, set in the wake of a coming apocalypse. The Complex Hollywood, 6472 Santa MonicaBoulevard

hollywood fringe festival 2019
Photo courtesy of Sacred Fools Theater Company

Jordan Maverick, History Teacher
June 21, 22, 26
While much of Fringe focuses on painful truth, there’s also a fun freedom in silliness, never more apparent than in this production. The comedy follows a master marksman and martial artist as he arrives to teach at one of the most dangerous schools in the country where his skills will be put to the test. The Broadwater, 1078 Lilian Way