Home Videos, Manet, and Black Lung Disease Headline These Upcoming Art Events in Chicago

L.B. Black. To the Cup Final, 1925. Gift of Underground Electric Railways Company of London Limited/Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago

From home videos to West Virginia–inspired topics like black lung disease, this next crop of upcoming art events allows strangers to share precious moments together and dive into heavy—and sometimes dark—history.

Alberto Aguilar, 09.28.12, 2012, Pen on mini legal. 5×7 in. Courtesy of the artist.

Out of This World at Low Res Studio
The Intuit: Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art is hosting a spring fundraising party, with $35 covering food from Antique Taco, beers, and special cocktails. Show up to show your support for this one-of-a-kind Chicago destination (and nonprofit) to see outsider artists; you can even buy some artwork at the one-night-only auction.
Details: May 16

Carpet Diem at Gallery 400
Seize the evening and catch this six-artist lineup of performances…each unfolding on an area rug. They will respond to their spatial constraints and woven, graphic platforms, which is sure to result in some strange but unexpected meditations. The event is presented in conjunction with the gallery’s current exhibition of work by Alberto Aguilar, so be sure to catch that while you’re there.
Details: May 16

“Everyone’s Art Gallery: Posters of the London Underground” at the Art Institute of Chicago
More than 100 years ago, the museum began receiving dozens of posters made for the Underground Electric Railways London. These gorgeous graphic works were part of a massive visual campaign to encourage Londoners to hop on public transit and are decorated with zoos, museums, and other local sites. Now you can see them, too, in this show that uncovers the curious history of this collection and how it came to be at a Chicago institution.
Details: May 25

LtdWear4 at LVL3
The gallery has been collaborating with Logan Square boutique Tusk to present various fashion collections of unique, artist-made designs, and this fourth version’s theme is “Spa and Relaxation.” Stop by to check out the range of bathrobes and slippers; each will make you feel truly special.
Details: May 25

Home Video Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Put Netflix-and-chill on hold for a moment and hang out at the museum instead for an afternoon of intimate but public video watching. Anyone can bring a home movie to share—or just come to experience precious moments with total strangers.
Details: May 25

Édouard Manet, In the Conservatory, about 1877–79. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie/Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago.

“Manet and Modern Beauty” at the Art Institute of Chicago
Get a closer look at Manet’s later years of painting in this monumental exhibition—the first to focus on this particular period of his life. You’ll be sure to lose yourself in portraits of fashionable, bourgeois women, a splendid showcase that will be accompanied by rarely seen letters from his archives—themselves illustrated with sketches of fruit and flowers.
Details: May 26

“Keeping Things Whole” at Roman Susan
Yunhee Min’s artwork, which draws from everyday life, is minimal and a little disconcerting. There’s a door knocker without a door; a frying pan without a base—intended to acknowledge, in the artist’s words, that “struggle is an idea coexisting among everyone.”
Details: June 1

Inka Essenhigh, The Blazing World, 2019, Enamel on canvas. 60″ x 84.” Courtesy of Kavi Gupta.

“Uchronia” at Kavi Gupta
You won’t want to miss this solo show of paintings by Inka Essenhigh, known for her twisted, otherworldly figures that seem both plucked from science and from fantasy. This new body of work explores a strange techno-utopia—is it distant? Perhaps not so much.
Details: June 1

“Raw Reckoning” at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
Michael K. Paxton lives in Chicago and is a sixth-generation West Virginian. In this solo show, he will exhibit massive, highly gestural paintings that explore the effects of an industry tied to his ancestral home, mainly black lung disease, which many coal miners have contracted.
Details: June 7

Michael K. Paxton, Pillar of Dust #6, 2018, Chalk, charcoal, gesso, acrylic on canvas. 96″ x 72″ / Photo courtesy of Michael Paxton/Facebook