The 5 Things You Actually Need to Know About Hudson Yards

The massive, long-anticipated city within the city opens next week!

Photo courtesy of Hudson Yards New York/Facebook

If you have wandered around the city between midtown West and Chelsea, where the High Line begins, you’ve no doubt marveled at the giant construction project that is Hudson Yards—a venture more than 10 years in the making.

This undertaking is now the largest privately built infrastructure project in not only the history of New York, but the United States. What makes it even more intriguing: The massive office-residential-retail complex was not built through the displacement of a local community, but rather in an old industrial area on top of an active train yard once the area was rezoned for something besides manufacturing. Whether you’re excited about the new real estate or concerned about what this means for the future growth of New York, we’re here to fill in some of the details.

The Grand Opening Is on Friday

The “vessel” opening of Hudson Yards is scheduled for Friday, March 15, at 10 a.m. The vessel is an elaborate construction of 154 flights of stairs encased by no doubt Instagram-worthy steel and glass that you can explore while admiring incomparable views of the city. Though stores—such as the first Neiman Marcus in NYC—are already open, this will be Hudson Yards’s first official offering to the public.

The hive-like centerpiece isn’t the only Instagrammer bait in Hudson Yards. The ticketed Snark Park promises a series of immersive art installations, like the sea of recyclable plastic “bubbles” that flooded the space last year (see photo above).

Hudson Yards
Photo courtesy of Hudson Yards New York/Facebook

While in the neighborhood, don’t miss having a bite at Legacy Records, one of our fave restaurants in the city. And for more great food and drink recs, grab our app in the App Store.


Meanwhile, coming next year is the 1,000-foot-tall Edge (not this Edge) observation deck. Our inner architecture nerds are anxiously excited about how these structures will change the way we’re able to interact with the city.

The Danny Meyer Experience Will Be Available All Day, Every Day

Hudson Yards is welcoming some of the best culinary experts in New York (read: the world), including celebrated restaurateur Danny Meyer. His latest enterprise is called Cedric’s at the Shed, a restaurant and bar that will stay open all day. Cedric’s—as the full name (a dedication to the building’s architect) implies—will be an addition to the new arts center, the Shed, debuting next month. If fine dining isn’t on your ideas menu, Hudson Yards will also have the delicious, dependable Shake Shack there for your burger-ing needs.

The Shed Arrives in April

Home to Meyer’s newest restaurant—and much more—is an ultramodern, innovative multiarts center opening on April 15. The Shed will be located at the beginning of the High Line and have a movable outer shell, allowing it to morph from a more intimate exhibition space to a 17,000-square-foot performing arts stage. (What were we saying about the insane architecture involved in crafting Hudson Yards?) Chelsea is already a hub for the art world, especially when the galleries open for free on Thursday evenings. We’re curious to see how this changes—especially when Björk takes the stage in May!

The Shed Hudson Yards
Photo courtesy of the Shed/Facebook

And There Are Living Spaces, Too

Hudson Yards isn’t just the latest location for fine dining and shopping, it’s basically a small village within the largest North American city. Apartments in 35 Hudson Yards are now on the market, if you are among the more affluent New Yorkers or a Russian oligarch looking to hide some cash. A note for the rest of us: There have been talks about subsidizing some of this luxury housing, something familiar to people who live in the beautiful high-rises on the water in Long Island City.

Momofuku Is Moving In

Another favorite New York foodie is taking up real estate in Hudson Yards: Momofuku’s David Chang. His new Korean restaurant, Kawi, led by the much celebrated Eunjo Park, will also be open for lunch during the week. This may be his most upscale location to date, but Hudson Yards will be sporting his more fast-casual Fuku fried chicken spot, as well. This is only a taste of what’s in store. From the sound of it, this complex is dauntingly large and you might have fun getting lost in it for an afternoon.

David Chang Hudson Yards
Photo courtesy of Hudson Yards New York/Facebook

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