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S’mores Beyond the Campfire: 8 Gourmet Takes on the Summer Classic

New York’s top pastry chefs and chocolatiers are rethinking this nostalgic dessert.

There are two likely scenarios for when you last ate s’mores: You were either a few hundred miles away from your childhood home, when your parents shipped you off to sleepaway camp, or you were awkwardly standing around the gas cooktop in your kitchen, wielding a marshmallow-topped chopstick, because you had an unexpected craving for something from your youth.

Pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and ice cream makers around the city have been having that nostalgic urge, as well. But they’re not whipping up the same-old handheld dessert. Instead, they’ve envisioned—and perfectly executed—new ways to consume the campfire mainstay.

S’mores Sundae at Camp

Summer is in session! This experiential, family-focused hub also houses a Milk Bar canteen, which whips up a one-of-a-kind treat that’s perfect for campers of any age. The cupful layers Christina Tosi’s prized bites (corny compost cookie bits and cereal milk soft-serve) and ice cream parlor staples (toasted ’mallows, dripping hot fudge). We’d try to sneak this into our tents if it didn’t melt on the way there. 110 Fifth Avenue (at West 16th Street), Union Square

indoor s'mores
Photo courtesy of Camp

S’mores Pie at Butter & Scotch

This dessert-focused “lady bar” is well known for supporting feminist causes ($1 is donated to Planned Parenthood whenever you decide to “smash the patriarchy” with a cocktail, for starters) and putting sprinkles on everything, but its pies make statements on their own. This should come as no surprise; co-owner Allison Kave wrote a book called First Prize Pies, after all. And her s’mores pie indeed wins top honors. A homemade milk chocolate custard fills the inside of a delicate graham cracker crust and is topped with a lightly torched whipped marshmallow cream. For those looking for a most nostalgic dessert feast, this tastes closest to the s’mores you loved as a kid. 818 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights

indoor s'mores
Photo by Paul Wagtouicz/Courtesy of Butter & Scotch

Speculoos S’mores Bonbon at Stick With Me Sweets 

You’d mistake it for a microscopic Mallomar if you squinted, but this is a bonbon you should enjoy with eyes wide open. The outer shell is a masterpiece in itself: The charcoal black top dramatically fades to an ember gray, similar to how a marshmallow changes color when it’s pushed into an open flame. Take a bite and your teeth make contact with a cloud-soft marshmallow and a spiced shortbread more reminiscent of a gingerbread than Nabisco. It’s a shame the bonbon is a two-bite wonder, but nobody’s judging you if you buy a few more for the road. 202 Mott Street (between Kenmare and Spring Streets), Nolita

indoor s'mores
Photo courtesy of Stick With Me Sweets/Facebook

S’mores Cookie at Chip

It would be an understatement to call the cookies from this expanding micro-chain good. Its mammoth size, perfect ratio of outer crunch and inner chew, and flavors both classic and clickbait-y make Chip the Levain Bakery for the Gen-Z crowd. Its gooey adaptation of the fiery handful—a subtly salted graham cookie base, ooey-gooey chocolate chips scattered throughout the dough, and a large molten marshmallow brûléed in the middle—has been a consistent summer crowd-pleaser since day one. Locations in Astoria and Long Island City

Frozen S’mores at Dominique Ansel Bakery

Lines may no longer snake down Spring and around Thompson to get into the SoHo sweets emporium, but that doesn’t mean the hype for Ansel’s whimsy-forward pastries has died down. Sure, the modern-day Willy Wonka is legendary for his outlandish Cronut, but his remastering of a s’more is what #FlashbackFriday Instagram posts are made of. Stabbed with a willow wood branch is a gigantic honey marshmallow, torched to order and hiding a chilling surprise: an amuse-bouche–size scoop of Tahitian vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate-covered wafer crisps. 189 Spring Street (between Sullivan and Thompson Streets), SoHo 

indoor s'mores
Photo courtesy of Dominique Ansel Bakery/Facebook

Mason Jar S’mores at Saxon + Parole 

Every aspect of this distinguished dining destination on Bowery feels pedigreed: the stately cases of whiskey, a glowing cocktail cabinet filled with custom cocktail bottles for members, and the lavish seafood towers. But nothing is more impressive than the simple execution of the campfire dessert, kept warm inside a hefty jar. Whiskey smoke emerges when the lid comes off and leaves a mark on the rich chocolate pudding, hearty bits of cracker, and caramelized marshmallows protecting a fluffy center. 316 Bowery (at Bleecker Street), East Village

indoor s'mores
Photo by Sebastian Pinzon/Courtesy of Saxon + Parole

S’mores Doughnut at Comfortland

Montana D’Alessio Barbieri is practically an Astoria legend, baking her way into the hearts of brunch lovers with her doughy sweets at Queens Comfort. It was only a matter of time before she took her talents to her own whimsical space, and conveniently it’s down the block from her first home. One of her newest creations is a rounder, limited-edition ode to s’mores. A mountain of pillowy marshmallows and house-baked graham cracker crumbles reside in the middle of a standard, yeasty glazed doughnut, and it’s all drizzled in a deep, dark chocolate sauce. Insider tip: Make it an ultimate cheat day by requesting this in ice cream sandwich form. 40-09 30th Avenue, Astoria 

S’mores Soft Serve at Sunday in Brooklyn

If you have friends who live off the L train, chances are you’ve already been to this dreamy neighborhood gem in Williamsburg. A return visit might be in order soon, particularly because its summer dessert spread includes a particularly luscious spoonful perfect for a hot girl summer. A dairy-free, dark chocolate ice cream and caramelized sugar crisps are swirled underneath a tall marshmallow casing charred until it’s perfectly brown. Savor it inside or take it to go for some post-dinner East River romps. 348 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

indoor s'mores
Photo courtesy of Sunday in Brooklyn/Facebook

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