More of the Most Insta-Worthy Bathrooms in NYC

Take care of business—and snap a few selfies!—inside the city’s chicest loos.

Photo courtesy of Elsa

The water closet. The house of office. The porcelain palace. No matter what you call it, a bathroom is a bathroom…right? Wrong. Because the people of New York City know that the world—or just a four-walled room with a toilet—can be their canvas. If you thought we were finished finding the most Insta-worthy johns in the city, you clearly haven’t stayed as hydrated as we have.

Turk’s Inn

Come for the whole-grilled wild porgy, stay for the dry gin—and don’t leave until you’ve seen this Bushwick restaurant’s bathrooms. The brightly colored dining rooms and not-so-subtle decor give you a hint of what’s to come: Each must-see stall is decorated with vintage wallpaper and a matching toilet seat. So pace yourself, but get in for a peek at all seven stalls!  234 Starr Street, Bushwick

Mission Chinese

The creative geniuses behind Mission Chinese must love their TV dramas—why else would they make the restaurant’s bathroom a full-on tribute to the cult classic Twin Peaks? Supernatural vibes spring off the Black Lodge–y walls that feature a portrait of the infamously unlucky prom queen Laura Palmer—all while the show’s theme song plays on a loop. Want more? Head to MC’s Brooklyn location to see a bathroom where reality is a thing of the past171 East Broadway (between Rutgers and Jefferson Streets), Lower East Side

Photo by Sayaka Ueno


This Art Deco bar has moved to Brooklyn and undergone a serious glow-up. We could talk all day about its trés chic decor and low-key, exquisite cocktails, but the main event here is the stunning bathroom. An all-white space with golden accents and a ton of mirrors—with perfectly placed lighting that makes selfie-taking a breeze. It comes as no surprise that the establishment was named after Elsa Schiaparelli, one of the most inspirational designers of her time. 136 Atlantic Avenue, Cobble Hill

Bryant Park

No, that little building in Bryant Park isn’t a mausoleum—it’s an actual bathroom. And if you think it looks luxurious on the outside, take a peek inside. First thing you’ll see is a full-length mirror, with a gorgeous vase filled with fresh flowers positioned in front of it. Next, take in the $300,000 worth of Italian-tiled walls, electronic (and working) sinks, and frosted windows. Click! Let us remind you that this is a public restroom…in the middle of Manhattan. And nary a broken toilet, mystery stain, or tumbleweed-ing roll of paper in sight. West 42nd Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues), Midtown

Photo courtesy of Bryant Park/Facebook

Uncle Jack’s Meat House

Now that we’re deep in the age of social media, New York establishments know they must look good to keep up. Uncle Jack’s Meathouse has one rather large leg up on all of them. This Astoria steakhouse has installed a 55-inch touch-screen selfie mirror in the bathroom. The unique pic-snapping spot sits inside the newfangled speakeasy, Bootlegger Jack’s, hidden downstairs. Choose from one of three frames, then send however many photos you want straight to your email. 36-18 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria

The Hoxton

What’s black, white, and gold all over? The industrial-chic restrooms inside the Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg, that’s what. Simplistic in style yet incredibly elegant, this is the type of powder room you’ll be shooting for images to post to your feed—and to show to your contractor. Black and white tiled floors, blue-gray marble sinks, and plumbing dipped in golden paint make the perfect backdrop for any sort of look. 97 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

Photo courtesy of the Hoxton via Yelp

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