JetBlue: 5 Ways to Love Leaving From Boston’s Logan Airport

We’ve heard all the other terminals are jealous of Terminal C.

Photo courtesy of Natalie’s Candy Jar/Facebook

You don’t have to save all the best parts of your trip for after you arrive at your destination

EAT: Superfresh Fish at Legal Sea Foods

You are in the land of chow-duh now, so slurp it up! And don’t forget to grab one more succulent lobster roll to go. This beloved chain will even pack some live lobsters for you to take on your flight—no additional seat required! Gate C12

SHOP: For Everything Your Sweet Tooth Desires

If you want to feel like a kid in a candy store, you should…shop in a candy store! Specifically, pop into Natalie’s Candy Jar, where you can load up on all things gummy, chocolaty, and supersweet. The best part? It’s self-serve! (We won’t judge you.) Gate C10

DO: Get a New ’Do at Classique Salon

This might sound like shear madness (sorry), but there is nothing more fun than arriving at your destination with a fresh look. Just don’t tell your parents that the shaved side of your head was our idea. Gate C10

DRINK: Beer at Boston Beer Works

Boston is a serious beer town. How serious? Glad you asked: Pull up a stool at this brew haven and enjoy a hoppy Fenway Pale Ale or a Brutally Honest IPA, which is described as being “excessively effervescent.” That’s a good thing. Gate C27

GRAB: Your New Beach Tee at the Black Dog

Hard to remember now, but this brand did not actually start as a T-shirt company. Rather, a ship captain named Robert Douglas opened a Black Dog Tavern on the Vineyard in 1971. But yeah—nice T-shirts! Gate C12

Where are you headed next? We’ve got a plan for that!