JetBlue: Eat, Drink, Shop, and Be Very Merry at LAX

Sure, the airport’s endless renovations are a drag, but JetBlue's Terminal 5 is already polished up!

Photo courtesy of LAX Shop & Dine/Facebook

Los Angeles International Airport has been undergoing serious renovations for what seems like forever, and with a little get-together called the Olympics on the distant horizon, the work is planned to continue until 2028 at least. One place where the future is now is Terminal 5, which has already finished a large portion of its overhaul.

EAT: All the Things at Farmers’ Market to Go

Given the parking situation at the Original Farmers’ Market on Fairfax, booking a flight and braving security to come to this Terminal 5 spin-off may actually be the quickest way to experience the market’s California smorgasbord of eats. There are sandwiches and salads, plus plenty of longer-lasting artisanal goodies to snag for gifts (or for yourself—you deserve it!).

SHOP: Like a Pro at Magic Johnson Sports

If you don’t own a Lakers jersey, did you really even exist in L.A.? Stake out your side in the city’s heated sports rivalries with official gear and merch from, yes, the purple and gold, but also the Clippers, Kings, Dodgers, Angels, USC, UCLA, and our two NFL teams that we’re still excited just to even have.

DO: Explore the Terminals

Your best bet, if you’ve got some time, is to embrace L.A. hiking culture and stroll your way to the adjacent terminals (terminals 4 through 8 and the international terminal are all connected without having to redo security). Terminal 6 comes with a delightful Sunset Boulevard theme, and the majestic Tom Bradley International Terminal has an open design and a slew of large-scale video installations that make it a treat just to walk around in.

DRINK: Like a Rock Star at Rock & Brews

Some days, even a local craft beer (or three) isn’t enough to take the edge off. Sometimes you need encouragement in the form of the massive action shots of rock icons that hang over this Terminal 5 bar, including the joint’s cofounders and legends of Kiss, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. TV screens dedicated to classic rock videos and concerts is the cherry on top of this rock-and-roll sundae.

UNWIND: At XpresSpa

Targeted mini spa treatments can feel like an instant refresh. At XpresSpa near Gate 50B, get a hand and arm massage, or, if you’ve spent the trip at Disneyland, spring for a foot and leg massage to soothe those miles you’ve clocked.

Where are you headed next? We’ve got a plan for that!