JetBlue: Live It Up on the Upper East Side—And Go Way Beyond the Met!

“Camp: Notes on Fashion” is the must-see exhibition of the summer. Catch it now, then discover much more about the sleepless city.

Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art/Facebook

Sure, the globally famous museum has room after endless room of exquisite artifacts, but one can’t live on art alone.

DO: Discover the Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

You might think you know everything there is to know about this gloriously enduring arts palace, but there are at least five things we’re willing to bet you’ve never fully appreciated. Get there before September 8 to catch the superbuzzy “Camp: Notes on Fashion” exhibition. 1000 Fifth Avenue (at East 82nd Street)

EAT: Ramen at Naruto Ramen 

All that cultcha make you peckish? Slurp up the NYC foodie trend that never quits and enjoy some of the city’s best ramen. Note: Space is tight here, so on a nice day, order your noodles to go and wander one block east to Ruppert Park1596 Third Avenue (between East 89th and 90th Streets)

DRINK: At Your New Favorite Spot, Kaia Wine Bar

There is perhaps no better way to kick back after your museum trip and meal than with a stop at a Michelin-recommended wine bar with South Africa–accented eats (if you still have room) in a lovely modern space. 1614 Third Avenue (between East 90th and 91st Streets)

DESSERT: Become a Cookie Monster at William Greenberg

Just how good are the black and white cookies, brownies, and fruit tarts at this charming NYC institution? Good enough that they have consistently sold out for more than 60 years. Yeah—that good. 1100 Madison Avenue (between East 82nd and 83rd Streets)

HOP: A Ferry to Brooklyn’s Hottest Hood 

Now that you’re all hopped up on black and whites, take a short taxi ride to the ferry station at 34th Street, then hop off in Greenpoint to make your way to one of our favorite streets in the city. Along Franklin Street you can do some indie bookstore browsing at Word; enjoy a nightcap at the gorgeous and friendly Moonlight Mile bar; and get cheesy with a midnight slice at the ridiculously tasty Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop. 200 Franklin Street; 126 Franklin Street; 110 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

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