Kick Off the Season at L.A.’s Most Football-Friendly Bars

Photo courtesy of 40 Love/Facebook

You’re never more than about one Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary’s–length away from some joint with a few TVs in this town, but because your hallowed football Sundays (and Mondays and Thursdays and Saturdays) deserve the very best experience, we’ve rounded up the top places to catch a game in L.A., from traditional sports bars to classier spots that still have enough TVs to get in all your gridiron goodness.

Photo by Dylan+Jeni/Courtesy of 40 Love

40 Love
This is the place to be when you want a big step up in elegance from a pub of hollering frat bros, but you still need to be able to slam your fists on the table at your QB’s third interception of the game without other patrons looking at you all funny. While the decor says “classy tennis club,” the more than two dozen TVs love all sports equally. 829 North La Cienega Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Arts District Brewing Company/Facebook

Arts District Brewing Company
Beer connoisseurs love to come here to play ball themselves—Skee-Ball on the row of lovingly restored machines lining one whole wall, that is. Once your rolling arm gets tired, loosen up those sore muscles with an in-house brew and kick back to watch the pros play. 828 Traction Avenue

Photo courtesy of Barney’s Beanery/Facebook

Barney’s Beanery West Hollywood
The original WeHo location of legendary local chain Barney’s Beanery is about as prototypical sports bar as it gets, with TVs plastering every surface and a newspaper-length menu of greasy goodness that’s way better than it has any right to be. And if you’ve dragged along that artistic friend who doesn’t know the first thing about sports, they can get their kicks knowing that the spot has been frequented by everyone from Quentin Tarantino and Charles Bukowski to Clark Gable and Judy Garland. 8447 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

Super Bowl Bar Eats
Photo courtesy of Big Wangs/Facebook

Big Wangs North Hollywood
Another standout traditional sports bar, with the big draw here being the sloppy-delicious chicken wings. Big Wangs is the sports bar home of an official Los Angeles Rams fan club, so expect lots of blue and gold, particularly when Jared Goff and co. are on the road and the usual stadium tailgaters descend on this bar instead. 5300 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood

Photo courtesy of Bludso’s Bar & Que/Facebook

Bludso’s Bar & Que
Trays of the best Texas barbecue in town will boost whatever kind of game day you’re having, whether you’re nervously gnawing on some spicy beef links while you watch a narrow win or drowning your sorrows from a crushing loss in metric tons of brisket and cornbread. Reservations recommended. 609 North La Brea Avenue

Photo courtesy of Common Space Brewery/Facebook

Common Space Brewery
A few carefully placed screens will help you watch the game when things are going well, and turn your attention to other matters—like power ranking your four-beer flight—when they’re not. 3411 West El Segundo Boulevard, Hawthorne

Photo courtesy of Electric Owl/Facebook

Electric Owl
You’ll have to skip the lovely, train-inspired interior to post up on the (also lovely) patio so you can see the two outside bar TVs. Thankfully, the fresh cocktails and a renowned Smash Burger/tots combo taste just as good alfresco as they do inside. 1451 North Gardner Street, West Hollywood

Goal Sports Café
Let everyone else duke it out for egg-white omelets and mimosas along the crowded brunch mecca that is Third Street while you quietly slip into Goal, an upscale sports café that doesn’t forget that plentiful TVs, good bar food, and speedy drinks are always the key to an enjoyable day of football. 8334 West Third Street

Photo courtesy of the Morrison Pub/Facebook

The Morrison
Elevated pub grub is the name of the game at this charming Atwater outpost, which specializes in burgers more stacked than the Seahawks’s defense circa 2015. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu. 3179 Los Feliz Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Relentless Brewing & Spirits

Relentless Brewing & Spirits
The L.A. outpost of Temecula-based Relentless is one of our favorite new spots to grab a beer—especially one of its specialty sours—but for now it’s only open evenings, limiting its all-day football potential. There are plans for weekend brunch hours soon, though, which makes Relentless like a physically gifted but raw NFL rookie: promising, and maybe not ready in time for the start of the season, but worth keeping an eye on down the road. 2133 Colorado Boulevard

Rocco’s WeHo
Say “Hi, hi, hi” to the newest location of Rocco’s, brought to the heart of West Hollywood’s gay district by *NSYNC alum and WeHo local Lance Bass. Under Bass’s direction, this expansion of the popular L.A. barstaurant chain caters to a more hard-core sports crowd than the rest of the area’s bustling bar scene, while still proudly embracing its LGBTQ+ identity with performers and historic memoriblia from the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives. 8900 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

Photo courtesy of Tony’s Darts Away/Facebook

Tony’s Darts Away
Three words: Pliny the Elder. That’s right, Russian River Brewing’s near-mythic and very-hard-to-find Double IPA is regularly on tap at this Burbank enclave. If you need more convincing, though, know that Tony’s is a quintessentially neighborhood joint with pool, board games, and the eponymous darts all on hand to keep you occupied while the game stops for the refs to sort out all these new pass interference reviews. 1710 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank

Photo courtesy of Trophy Wife L.A./Facebook

Trophy Wife Bar
Trophy Wife has plenty of TVs, a short but sweet bar menu, and an open, communal vibe perfect for making new football-crazed friends. 3715 West Evans Street

Photo courtesy of Wirtshaus/Facebook

This bastion of German bites and brews has artifacts of that other, European kind of football adorning its walls, but once NFL Sunday hits, the TVs are all tuned in to the gridiron of America’s version—with enough bratwurst on the menu to make you feel like you’re at a Bears game yourself. 345 North La Brea Avenue

Photo courtesy of Yard House/Facebook

Yard House L.A. Live
If you’ve been to one Yard House, you’ve been to any Yard House, really, but that doesn’t stop this California-grown chain’s L.A. Live location from being the perfect place to catch a game. The highlight is the 100-plus tap beer list, which you can get in glass sizes up to a half-yard tall—so you can rack up the yardage right alongside all your fantasy players. 800 West Olympic Boulevard

Honorable Mentions
Like an NFL team on cut day, we had to make tough choices and leave some promising options off our roster. These next few are always great, traditional brewpub-style spots to watch football if you’re in the area. Think of them as our first choices to stash on our practice squad.

The Belmont 747 North La Cienega Boulevard
Brü Haus 1181 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles Biergarten 750 South Broadway
The Nickel Mine 11363 Santa Monica Boulevard
Rush Street 9456 Washington Boulevard, Culver City