Focusing on Faith at Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival

Find meaning through art at Lincoln Center’s annual celebration of international boundary-pushing performances.

Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival was designed to provoke thoughtful conversation through dance, music, and theater since beginning in 2010. This year‘s focus, though, has a particularly lofty goal in mind: to “illuminate the many dimensions of our interior lives” through the lens of faith—the “faith of artists through the ages and faith in humanity to inspire and design a better future.” If you’re losing yours (and who isn’t these days?), there’s no better place to restore it than at this temple of performing arts. 

Dozens of multidisciplinary performances will tackle the topic and strive to inspire throughout the month—most notably the Psalms Experience, which features a dozen thematic concerts highlighting 150 psalms by a variety of composers. The program includes ensemble acts from around the world, among them the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, which will perform sacred songs in Armenian, Russian, Latin, and German; and the Netherlands Chamber Choir singing pieces by Poulenc and Virgil Thompson. You can also relive the ending of Homer’s The Odyssey during the moving opera The Return of Ulysses; catch a theatrical retelling of Samuel Beckett’s three most notable novels, MolloyMalone Dies, and The Unnamable; explore the beautiful, haunting music that emerged from the horror of the slave trade; and witness a Persian love story choreographed by Mark Morris.

Why You Should Go: Uplifting and experimental performing art from around the world is just what you need right now. 

White Light Festival
Various locations
Wednesday, October 18–Wednesday, November 15

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