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Little Diner’s Crew Takes Kids’ Taste Buds on a Journey

For the young foodies out there

Credit: Little Diner's Crew

When my kids were born, I worried about what that would do for my ability to dine out at all of the hip restaurants in town. Sure, there were date nights for certain places, but for others, I wanted to be able to dine without necessarily booking a babysitter. I knew that other parents had to feel the same way, and I was right.

D.C. Crenshaw, who has dabbled in food media and other food ventures over the years, decided that his kids should be exposed to more than chicken fingers and macaroni. Friends would constantly ask how he could get his kids to eat foods like sushi. With all of the questions, D.C. and his wife, Alayna, decided they needed to start a business designed to  expose kids to cuisines from around the world.

From there, Little Diner’s Crew was born as a way to expand the palates of kids ages 4-12, by providing them a chance to eat and learn about foods they would often not experience on their own.

How it Works

There are a few ways to enjoy Little Diner’s Crew. Participants can become members (where they’ll receive a welcome kit with dining passport), or just attend events a la carte.

Once a month, the Crenshaws pick a restaurant that represents a different country or region of America. They work with the chef at that restaurant to create a tasting menu for the kids that is both approachable and flavorful, featuring dishes from the regular menu.

At the event, kids and parents sit at different tables but eat the same cuisine. Kids are given a sheet to rate each dish, which helps them really think about what they’re eating. They also have an opportunity to interact with the chef or general manager, and even tour the kitchen. The dinner goes beyond just food, too, as kids have the opportunity to learn about the country of origin and a few lessons in table ettiquite as well.

Past dinners have been at places like Duck Duck Goat for Chinese food, Eden for Mediterranean and Indian Garden.

Taking this concept a step further, the Crenshaws realized that people may want to get their own group of friends together at a time more convenient for them, so they launched LDC XP, where diners can contact select restaurants to curate their own Little Diners experience on their own time.

Prices generally range from $20-45 per kid and $25-65 for adults (often inclusive of adult beverages). Check their website for upcoming events.