17 Magical Things About NYC

Colorful fountains, Leonard Cohen cocktails, the Knife Guy, and a solitary sea creature are just a few of our favorite things in a city that remains incredibly, curiously, truly, madly great (subways, be damned).

Photo by Keith Luke/Unsplash

The trains are always late. And crowded. And sometimes slathered with unfortunate matter. The rent remains too damn high. The mayor works out too much. There’s a lot of garbage everywhere. OK, yes. But New York City is still—still!—the most magical city in the world. (In the top five, anyway.) Just how magical is it? We would say: very. And we are not alone. A summery spin through NYC Twitter and elsewhere reveals a dynamic range of people, places, things, and seals that electrify the imagination—or at least bring a flash of mirth, which we will totally take! Thank you to all the New York appreciators out there for piping up and for making our collective August slog much more magical. Please let us know what you heart about New York and we might add it to our ongoing list!

  1. The doughnut slingers at the Port Authority Dunkin’ location are also wicked-cool artists.
  2. Inscrutable shops on the Upper East Side that are oddly delightful.

    Photo courtesy of Judith Leiber/Facebook
  3. The air can actually smell pretty good (not always, but still!) and there are fireflies in summer!
  4. Leonard Cohen–inspired cocktails at the Jewish Museum.

    Photo courtesy of the Jewish Museum/Facebook
  5. Brooklyn beetlemania.”
  6. You don’t need to watch Black Mirror, because you can just hang out in Times Square.
  7. Colorful fountains with a view!
  8. Mike the Knife Guy.

    Photo by Hannah B./Yelp
  9. Intense bird-on-bird action (or: Still Life With Fried Chicken).
  10. Preteen convos about the best Paris arrondissements for dining.
  11. This seal!
  12. The “Paddington Pomeranian

    Photo courtesy of Bertie the Pom/Facebook
  13. The Dirt Queen.

    Photo courtesy of Dirt Queen NYC/Facebook
  14. Perhaps the single greatest dance-off of all time.
  15. Alan Cumming lives here. (And he has a club that you can go to.)
  16. The city is so romantic, couples want to get married at City Hall.

    Photo courtesy of Dana Siles Photographer/Facebook
  17. When it comes down to it, the subway is actually kind of magical. Right?