Timeless Style at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

Go one-stop shopping for the best of New York City’s retro fashion on February 2 and 3.

manhattan vintage show

In a city of nine million people—each one rocking his or her own personal style, from debonair-goth-punk to millennial-preppy-uptown—how do you find a look that stands out from the crowd? You can schlep from one end of town to the other, sifting through the racks at indie stores for the perfect one-of-a-kind outfit. Or you can save yourself a lot of time and legwork by heading to the Metropolitan Pavilion on February 2 and 3 for the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show.

You may have to elbow aside fashion editors and designers—both of whom are known to shop the show for their latest inspirations—but the jockeying is worth it for access to the collections of more than 80 antique clothing, accessories, and textiles dealers from across the country all at once. If you have the stamina and an eye for style, you can snag a psychedelic minidress from the ’60s (and the go-go boots to match), ripped leather pants from the ’80s, a Victorian-era high-neck blouse, or the perfect 1930s suspenders and fedora to complete your swing dancing ensemble. The selections run both high and low, from YSL and Issey Miyake to T-shirts from punk rockers. Vintage means anything before Y2K here, so you may be in luck if you’re still mourning that Betsey Johnson dress from 1995 that your dry cleaner ruined. Tickets are $20 at the door, but $15 if you order online now—which leaves you a few extra bucks to splurge on that fabulous 1950s twinset that will make you feel like a modern-day Grace Kelly.

Why You Should Go: To shop one of the largest collections of vintage clothes and accessories you’ll find in one place—and score the unique items that define a wardrobe.

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues), Chelsea
Friday, February 2, 1–8 p.m.
Saturday, February 3, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

It may be tempting to shop till you drop at this show, but pace yourself so you can enjoy Chelsea afterward. Get in touch with an experience adviser for our latest recommendations.