Where to Find New York’s Most Expensive Burgers

Thursday, January 12, 2017
The epitome of casual American fare, the hamburger is available at most fast-food joints and diners for just a few dollars. But for fine-dining aficionados in New York looking for fancier iterations of the classic comfort dish, there are far fewer options. So here’s where you can find the most extravagant burgers across the five boroughs—from an eggs Benedict variant served at one of the city’s oldest restaurants to a three-year-old truffled take born in midtown. Delmonico’s The 180-year-old steak house puts a breakfast spin on the comfort food with its Benedict Burger ($36). Best eaten with a knife and fork, the specialty sandwich—also available at Delmonico’s Kitchen—spotlights a 10-ounce prime beef patty topped with thick-cut, house-cured bacon and a runny fried egg on a toasted English muffin, smothered in truffled hollandaise and finished with fresh Burgundy truffle.  
Courtesy of Delmonico's via Facebook Courtesy of Delmonico's via Facebook
The Beatrice Inn Among the many mouthwatering dishes on the menu of this upscale West Village chophouse is a 45-day dry-aged burger ($38), featuring an eight-ounce patty garnished with red wine– caramelized onions and d’Affinois cheese packed into a brioche bun. For an extra dose of decadence, add a blanket of black truffles and a fried duck egg for $14. Old Homestead Steakhouse The historic house of beef’s Kobe Burger ($43) showcases an oversize 20-ounce patty made from a blend of Snake River Farm Wagyu and other steak trimmings, paired with a brioche bun branded with the restaurant’s emblem. Served with fries, the sumptuous monstrosity comes with stone-ground mustard and chipotle ketchup on the side. DB Bistro Moderne Chef Daniel Boulud’s $35 Original DB Burger touts a tender patty that’s thicker than most. Housed in a Parmesan bun, it’s made with premium sirloin and stuffed with truffle bits, foie gras, and wine-braised short rib.
Credit: Getty Images Credit: Getty Images
During the winter season the restaurant offers an even more upscale version: the DB Royale Truffle Burger, featuring all of the same elements as the Original plus a layer of black truffle. Its cost varies depending on how much truffle it boasts (between four to seven grams), with prices ranging from $70 to $110. Beer and Buns This casual eatery at the Court Hotel in Murray Hill is home to the city’s most expensive burger: the $250 B&B Indulgence, which highlights an eight-ounce bed of Wagyu beef laced with black truffle shavings, foie gras sautéed in white wine, and a dollop of Osetra caviar, nestled in a toasted brioche bun. (If you’re looking to order the over-the-top offering, note that you’ll have to call ahead at least 24 hours in advance to give the restaurant time to gather the luxe ingredients.)
Courtesy of Beer and Buns Courtesy of Beer and Buns