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Must-Try New Eateries at Chelsea Market

Chelsea's busiest grub hub has something to suit every taste.

Credit: Colin Miller

Housed in a brick building once home to the National Biscuit Company factory, Chelsea Market is undoubtedly one of New York’s top epicurean hangouts. But with more than 30 vendors cooking up meat pies, hand-pulled noodles, and everything in between, the massive indoor hall can overwhelm even the greatest gourmands. Hope you can handle all of the new places to nosh inside.

The food mecca’s latest expansion is Chelsea Local, an entire floor devoted to the freshest, top-quality ingredients and goods (Think: specialty hot sauces, artisan olive oil and finely aged cheeses). The 13,000-square-foot cellar, previously used for storage, has been designed with city shoppers in mind and has been transformed into a go-to spot for top-quality, exclusive produce and products. Descend down the gaping new staircase right into the center of the market and sample selections Manhattan Fruit Exchange, Buon’ Italia, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Heatonist and WSWD?! faves Saxelby Cheesemongers—to name a just a few of the many featured stands.

Nothing warms our hearts quite like a steaming bowl of noodles—and Chelsea Market’s Very Fresh Noodles provides us with an authentic destination like no other. From inside the open kitchen, a single chef masterfully pulls fresh noodles like a work of art. Offering flavorful creations, served both dry or in soup, the stand brings the traditional flavors of northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province right to noodle-enthusiasts across the city. The Tingly Cumin Lamb is their signature dish; smashed, ripped, and swimming in oils infused with chili and Sichuan peppercorns, your sinuses will be cleared for hours on end.

If there’s one thing we’re always in the mood for, its hummus. Serving Tel Aviv-style “hummusiya” adorned with garnishes and spices, along with warm pita and Israeli chopped salad, the Philly import Dizengoff is a much needed addition. The eccentric selection rotates daily, but don’t be surprised to find ingenious pairings like cauliflower atop pistachios and mint, tomato-spiced beef with pomegranate molasses, and fried chickpeas tossed with smoky paprika and cayenne. Sample the shakshuka and wash it all down with a glass (or two!) of their specialty Israeli wines.