ICYMI: Hudson Yards! Zula! Farewell, Output!

New York City is feeling more festive every day. While happily consumed by the holiday spirit, you might have missed these happenings.

Photo courtesy of Output/Facebook

We’re in the midst of the holiday season! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to enjoy the window displays on Fifth Avenue (or at least you know where the crowds are so you can avoid them). December is only half over and yet it’s hard not to look toward the New Year. Before we get ahead of ourselves, here are some timely news nuggets to put (metaphorically) in your stocking:

The Yard Works!

The highly anticipated opening of Hudson Yards, beginning in March, has New Yorkers (and evidently people all over the world) wondering how this massive development project will turn out. Some folks are already making their bets, including Travel + Leisure, which put Hudson Yards on its list of best places to travel in 2019. Other locales on the list include whole countries like Cambodia and Armenia, and such cities as the rustic Alsace in France. So. Yeah. Hudson Yards stands alone as the only residential shopping and dining complex (wait, is this just a swanky college dorm?)—although it will be the size of an entire village. We’re already filled with premature anticipation for 2019, but there’s still so much to do in December!

new york city culture news december 14
Photo courtesy of Hudson Yards/Facebook

Parks and Wine Recs

Comedy queen Amy Poehler has reached a level of fame that gives her the freedom to do whatever she wants. This is Leslie Knope’s world and we’re all just living in it. And luckily for us, Poehler’s latest venture is the new Zula Wines & Spirits in Park Slope. With a sizable collection of $13 bottles (quality that won’t break the bank) and free wine tastings every evening, Zula is a great addition to your growing collection of wine spots around the city. The official opening is Sunday, December 16. Sadly, the Saturday Night Live alumna is based in Los Angeles and likely won’t be there. In happier news, we’re in L.A. now, too!

Go, Speed Racer!

Morning commuters might feel like the MTA is doing the bare minimum to keep the subways running, but even the most miserly among us has something to look forward to: Trains are getting faster. After reassessing and updating safety regulations, the much-used N and R trains are speeding up from 15 to 30 miles per hour. We still have a long way to go, but (any) incremental improvements deserve a moment of appreciation.

new york city culture news december 14
Photo by Eddi Aguirre/Unsplash

A Flagship Sinks, Slowly

Lord & Taylor announced the closing of its 104-year-old flagship on Fifth Avenue back in September. Offloading its inventory, however, has taken months. The closing has lasted so long that it now conveniently coincides with your holiday shopping. It’s a marvel to see how shoppers flock to L&T each day, clearing the racks, only to have the store fully stocked the next morning. See how much you can get your items marked down, and say farewell to a New York classic in the process.

new york city culture news december 14
Photo by Ruwan J./Yelp

The Germans Are Coming!

Just a week after the disconcerting news that government officials had raided Deutsche Bank offices over concerns about money laundering, the Frankfurt-based financial institution announced long-term plans to relocate its New York offices to Time Warner Center and to rename the complex at Columbus Circle after itself. Confusion abounds, because DB has not been known for major successes since the 2008 financial crisis. The move is slotted for 2021, but you can still enjoy delicious food at the soon-to-be Deutsche Bank Center, no matter what it’s called.

Tune In, Drop Out

Brooklyn darling Output has announced that it will be shuttering its doors on January 1. Management cited an amalgam of factors for why the party has to end, but only in vague terms. We’ll mourn the loss of a club that has been central to Williamsburg nightlife—and thank God for Bushwick!

new york city culture news december 14
Photo courtesy of Output/Facebook

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