ICYMI: Love! Food! Planes! Ikea!

It’s been a cold week, but we’ve found some hot stories for you! (Also: Sorry about that previous sentence.)

Photo by Max Touhey/Courtesy of Trans World Airlines Hotel

Happy holidays to everyone! Except, that is, you, WinterFest in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Museum! We had previously suggested checking out the hyped market, until there were revelations of overpromises (experienced firsthand by one WSWD editor) reminiscent of the infamous Fyre Festival. We’re wishing the folks at WinterFest our best in turning things around, but in the meantime here’s some news you might have missed—and some sunnier events on the horizon:

Ring, Ring

Let your heart grow two sizes today: The touring British lovebirds who lost their engagement ring to a grate in Times Square have had their jewelry returned to them by the NYPD. The proposal went off without a hitch in Central Park before the ring fell off of the newly minted fiancée’s finger later in the day. Its return hopefully means any bad vibes hanging over the affair have been dispelled. Now onto the bachelorette party!

Nom, Nom

Flushing, Queens, is the food capital of the world. Our most delicious neighborhood is further solidifying this status with newcomer Yummy Tummy Asian Bistro, a Singaporean restaurant (WOW!). Sadly this establishment opened too late to be considered for our Best New Restaurant of 2018 Award, but the new year is right around the corner. Meanwhile, we do have one Queens-based eatery on the list of finalists!

new york city culture news december 7
Nom / Photo by Sharon L./Yelp

Connie’s Last Call

Bars come in all kinds of funny shapes and sizes these days. The latest addition to this trend is the forthcoming cocktail bar at the new Trans World Airlines Hotel, in a decommissioned 1956 Lockheed Constellation plane. Connie (evidently we like to name our airplane bars, our Christmas trees, and our short indie films alike) comes with her own storied history. And just like other snowbirds, she’s retiring from her current residence in Maine to the comparatively warmer city of New York.

new york city culture news december 7
Ze plane! / Photo by Ryan Dorsett

Ikea? I Hardly Know Her (Again: Sorry!)

The world-famous disseminator of cheap, sleek Scandinavian interior design is best known for its large warehouse complexes that feel (depending on your disposition) either like a cozy small village with a great lunch or an overwhelming maze of furniture you already dread having to assemble once you’ve carted it home. There’s no such thing as a quick trip to Ikea—until now! Our blue and yellow–clad friends are opening a much more reasonably sized outpost on the Upper East Side. Although the Ikea Ferry is still one of the best ways to get across the East River.

new york city culture news december 7
Much assembly required. / Photo courtesy of Ikea

You Could Stop at Two Sundays

New York is overflowing with some of the best artists and exhibitions in the world. Here’s one more: On the second Sunday of every month, Pioneer Works in Red Hook hosts a free event named, conveniently, Second Sundays. And you’re in luck, because the next one is this coming Sunday, December 9. The program includes music and workshops from the PW artists in residence. (Fun fact: You can get there on the Ikea Ferry!)

new york city culture news december 7
Where every day is like Second Sunday. / Photo courtesy of Pioneer Works/© Walter Wlodarczyk

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