ICYMI: Ambient Church! New Grub! ReFashion Week!

Hard to believe that the year is already about one-sixth over. Time flies when there is tons of news and culture!

Photo by Sayaka Ueno

February is almost over and suddenly the new year is…not so new anymore! As our 2019 routines become routine, you might have missed Meghan Markle’s royal visit to New York last week to hang around town with Serena Williams. Now we’re guessing you, like us, are prepping for the Oscars on Sunday—Oscars, we must note, without a host but with constant controversy. These are far from the only things on our minds this week, however, so here’s plenty of other news you may have overlooked.

Secret Garden

Wintertime is not usually associated with nature, but the Brooklyn Botanic Garden will change that notion if you’ll give it the chance. To bring more visitors in the less-scenic months, BBG offers free admission for winter weekdays, though the promotion concludes at the end of February. Take this opportunity to enjoy an activity that we’ve been obsessed with for months.

Take Me to Church

The kind of hip event that has become synonymous with Brooklyn is hosting its next concert at St. George’s Episcopal Church on Stuyvesant Square in midtown Manhattan tonight. Yes, you read that right: You could spend your Saturday night in a place of worship. Ambient Church has crafted a reputation for hosting transformative concerts in unconventional venues around the city that, perhaps unsurprisingly, have some of the best acoustics around. This one features experimental musician William Basinki. If you can’t make it this time, they’ll be around all year.

Photo courtesy of Ambient Church/Facebook

Marlow’s Son

Spend a foodie day in Williamsburg and there’s a good chance you’ll end up at Marlow & Sons. Now an alum of this staple is leaving the nest to start up his own Williamsburg restaurant: Gertie. Nate Adler opened his latest venture this week, serving breakfast and lunch, with plans to soon expand to dinner service. As long as the L train keeps running, you can stop here any day of the week (except weekends in March, boo!).

What a Week We’re Having!

While news of New York’s Beer Week may have already reached you, the last week of February also marks the beginning of the city’s ReFashion Week! The Department of Sanitation and DonateNYC are sponsoring events to promote both the buying and donating of secondhand clothing. Clean out your closets and save some money all while updating your look in a fashion that could land you in our style column. This is just one way to live more sustainably.

Photo courtesy of ReFashion Week/DonateNYC/Facebook

Reality Bites

The passing of Valentine’s Day might have you feeling all sorts of ways about romance and dating in New York City. And if you’re taking a break from the highly stylized version of love manufactured on The Bachelor, Netflix’s new reality show, Dating Around, might be the perfect antidote. What’s more, the best part of living in such a high-profile city is that the show’s casting directors are looking for everyday people from around here (that is to say, you) that they can set up on dates with strangers.

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