ICYMI: Subway Socks! Early Voting! (More) Pizza!

All of NYC’s best culture news of the week, with zero wind-chill factor.

Photo courtesy of Massa’s Coal Fired Pizzeria/Facebook

Winter is here! Like, really here. While the worst of the weather for us New Yorkers appeared to be snow squalls—hey, at least we’re not facing the Midwest’s Arctic cold—your desire to face the outside world might be at an all-time low. If you’re holed up inside your apartment (which we understand, though there are other ways to stay cozy), you likely have some extra time to read up on the latest news and culture around New York City.

District of (Fried) Chicken

District of Columbia’s controversial celebrity chef Gillian Clark is bringing her secret fried chicken recipe back to her hometown of New York City. Bagock (named for the sound a chicken makes?) is setting up shop in Williamsburg by the end of February. Maybe there’s no need to envy Southern cooking; we’re clearly racking up a fine list of comfort food in our area.

new york city culture news February 3
Photo courtesy of @Bagock_brklyn via Twitter

Early Bird Gets the Ballot

This past election cycle, you might have been cursing the long lines you had to endure at your neighborhood polling location. New York State is finally following the lead of 38 other states by implementing an early-voting period. Wherever you stand, major news outlets are already preoccupied with the next general election, and you can relax with the knowledge that it will be that much easier (and more convenient!) for your voice to be heard.

Fired Up

We know, we know: It’s hard to find a good slice in New York. Sarcasm aside, the impossible task of picking the best pie in the city may have just gotten a little harder. Bill Massa, formerly of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, is bringing coal-fired pizza to the ever-expanding Long Island City.

new york city culture news February 3
Photo courtesy of Massa’s Coal Fired Pizzeria/Facebook

Fair Fare

Keeping up-to-date with the MTA these days is giving all of us whiplash. The future of the L train is still unclear. Now in potentially happier news: A subway fare hike might be delayed (indefinitely!?). The MTA board has put off its vote to pursue other options. This story is still developing, but the time to appreciate our intricate, underground transit at its current rate is now.

Totally Tubular

Speaking of appreciating the subway: Now that tube socks are back in style, embrace the trend with the mismatched wall tiles of Brooklyn’s Carroll Street station.This is a look to rival the hot duck sweater. The Brooklyn-born guys behind the apparel brand Aint Wet are releasing a line of transit-themed merch so we can celebrate the city’s great equalizer in style.

new york city culture news February 3
Photo courtesy of Aint Wet

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